Brian Hawkins ran as a Republican in 2022, now he’s running as a Democrat

If Brian Hawkins is giving you political whiplash, you’re not alone. Hawkins, a member of the San Jacinto City Council, ran as a Republican in 2022 against Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Indio, in the 25th Congressional District and lost.

Now, he’s switched his party affiliation to Democrat to run for California’s 41st Congressional District. He is challenging one of the country’s longest-tenured Republican congressmen, U.S. Rep. Ken Calvert, for California’s 41st Congressional District.

Hawkins’ seemingly abrupt switch in party affiliations came as a surprise to many, including East Valley Republican Women Patriots who endorsed him in 2022 as a Republican. He led several of their Wednesday prayer meetings. The political group even raised money for him to travel to Georgia to stump for Herschel Walker.

Brian Hawkins Switches Party Affiliation for 2024

Joy Miedecke

“I really don’t have anything to say about Brian Hawkins,” Joy Miedecke, president of East Valley Republican Women Patriots, told Uken Report. “It’s a disappointment. It’s hard to understand how someone can talk about conservatism and that it is absolutely their way of life and turn around and throw it all away. Wonder why that would happen? Money? Does he think he can beat Calvert? It’s a pure mystery to all of us.”

Hawkins told Uken Report that, “After thoughtful reflection, it became evident that my core values and principles no longer aligned with the direction of the Republican Party.  I believe in standing up for principles that guide our nation towards progress and unity. It became increasingly clear to me that the current trajectory of the Republican Party conflicted with my values, commitment to fairness, inclusivity, and responsible governance. My decision to leave the party was ultimately driven by the profound belief that we must prioritize the greater good over partisan interests. I firmly believe, I can now more effectively champion the values that truly represent the best interests of our constituents and work towards a better future for everyone. “

Calvert and Hawkins will be joined in the race by Democrat Will Rollins, who narrowly lost to Calvert in the November general election, garnering 48% of the vote compared to Calvert’s 52 percent. Lake Elsinore Council member Tim Sheridan, a Democrat, also announced his candidacy in March.

The 41st District includes several Coachella Valley cities — Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Desert and Indian Wells — along with Corona, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Norco and Wildomar in western Riverside County.

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