Hawkins will work to get Herschel Walker elected to Senate

Brian Hawkins to Stump for Herschel Walker

Pastor Brian Hawkins

Republican Pastor Brian Hawkins, who lost to incumbent Rep. Raul Ruiz in the Nov. 8 election, will travel to Georgia later this month to stump for Herschel Walker.

East Valley Republican Women Patriots are raising money to help Hawkins defray expenses.

Walker is set to face off against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock on Dec. 6 in Georgia’s runoff, after neither candidate received 50% of the vote during the midterm elections. The seat, won by Warnock in 2020, has been viewed as one of the most hotly-contested in a state that has shifted toward Democrats in recent years.

Both candidates are again hitting the campaign trail in hopes to secure enough votes to win the runoff. Warnock won more votes than Walker in the Nov. 8 election, but the race is still seen as a toss-up.

“We will always do what is in our power to bring the country back to the right!” President Joy Miedecke told her members.

Many of you have been calling saying you want to donate to Herschel, she said. “We must take that seat to increase our influence in the Senate.”

Brian Hawkins to Stump for Herschel Walker

Joy Miedecke

“After talking with Pastor Brian Hawkins and listening to what is his take on this close, close race, I think we must send him to Georgia to make sure Herschel has the right message to win this race,” Miedecke said. “Brian knows what the Black Population wants to hear, and we, who have the man who can get that message across to Herschel’s team, must go the extra mile and send him there.”

The plan is this: A few days after Thanksgiving EVRWP will send Hawkins to Georgia. He will stay about two weeks and be on the team to get Herschel elected, according to Miedecke.

She has asked the organization’s PAC for $2000 as seed money and is asking members to give anything they can spare from $20 to $500 and more.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am about this…California helps Georgia,” Miedecke told members. “What we do for others will come back to us a thousand times! We will send a man as mighty as 100 men to help win this race of a lifetime!”

If you need more information, call 714 357-4373.





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