Rep. Calvert Statement on President Biden’s Call for a Pause in Israel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-41) issued the following statement regarding President Biden’s recent call for a pause in the Israel-Hamas war:

“I was cautiously optimistic by President Biden’s strong statements of support for Israel and laying the blame for the war squarely on Hamas.  Unfortunately, that conviction was short lived as we see Democrats across the board abandon their pro-Israel position to appease the far left that has taken to the streets to vandalize and call for the outright destruction of Israel.  Even some of my Democrat colleagues in the House attempt to whitewash the meaning of ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ – a historical call for the destruction of Israel – in order to provide cover for the violent antisemitism that has been displayed on college campuses, the streets of New York, and most recently, downtown Washington, D.C.  Ironically this type of display is further proof of why Israel must exist to provide sanctuary to the Jewish people from an ancient hatred that has spanned thousands of years.

“There is no doubt that Hamas counted on world opinion to change after their slaughter of innocent men, women and children as they hid behind civilians, including hospitals and schools, in order to drive up the death count of innocent people and point the finger at Israel.  They know very well that their victory depends on the weak spines of the West to pressure Israel into relenting so that they can rebuild, rearm, plan and attack again.  Hamas’ former Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad stated their goal is the annihilation of Israel and said there would be many more October 7 attacks.  While Hamas has never stopped firing rockets into Israel, murders innocent Palestinians attempting to leave the war zone, and still holds 240 hostages, according to Democrats the burden is on Israel’s to ‘pause’ their operations, which focuses on military targets, for humanitarian reasons.  In no world would the U.S. bend to outside pressure in a response to a violent, unprovoked attack on their citizens and neither should Israel.  Thankfully Israel, since its inception, has made it clear they will dictate their own destiny and will place the safety of their people and the security of their state paramount, with or without outside help.

“Despite the fringe left, the overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel’s stated goal of eradicating Hamas.  It is the only option.  My support for Israel’s military operations against their enemies is unwavering and though I mourn the loss of life, I place that blame entirely upon the aggressors in this war – Hamas.”

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  • Ken Calvert: Ken Calvert Official Photo