More than 500,000 Latinx patients visit Planned Parenthood each year. They are welcomed regardless of income, insurance, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or immigration status.

To that end, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched Es Mío, Yo Decido. The digital Spanish-language awareness campaign, companion to the English-language #BansOffMyBody campaign, fight against attacks on sexual and reproductive health care and boldly declare that our bodies, our lives, and our futures are our own. The campaign, which launches with a six-figure digital ad buy exclusively in Spanish, previewed with an on-the-ground activation of more than 2,000 people at People en Espanol’s Festival this past weekend.

Across America, reproductive rights and freedoms hang in the balance. In 2019, an unprecedented number of abortion bans were enacted across the country, many of which don’t include exceptions for rape or incest; could jail doctors simply for providing care (in one case for up to 99 years); and could allow the state to investigate miscarriages. Just last week, the Supreme Court agreed to take up a Louisiana case that could decide the future of abortion access in this country.

Relentless attempts to ban abortion and crush access to basic sexual and reproductive health care, coupled by the various attacks the Latinx community is currently facing, make Latinx communities among the hardest hit by attacks on their basic rights. Nearly 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, and a record-high 77 percent of Americans don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, including 67 percent of Latina voters.

“Planned Parenthood stands with its Latinx patients, supporters, and staff as we protect and expand access to reproductive rights,” Rachel Moreno, Vice President of Brand and Culture, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a prepared statement. “In this pivotal moment for our community, Es Mío, Yo Decido is our rallying cry, a galvanizing voice to claim what is ours. We are proud, unapologetic, and empowered to make decisions about our own bodies, our lives, and our futures. Despite the ongoing attacks on our communities, we are determined to celebrate and acknowledge the resiliency of our people. That’s why Planned Parenthood is launching #EsMioYoDecido. We will make sure everyone, from the state house to the White House, hears our voices and sees our resolve to control our own bodies. Now is the time to unite as a community and create a world where we all have the opportunity to live full and healthy lives.”

Es Mío, Yo Decido is a campaign centered around the pride and needs Latinx community, which is  often most affected by restrictions on reproductive health and freedom. The campaign will encourage people to join together, and with Planned Parenthood, take action and fight back.

The campaign encourages Latinx people across the U.S. to sign the #EsMío petition. Click here to learn more about restrictions to abortion access around the country or text ESMIO to 22422, for ways you can join el movimiento and take action.

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  • Es mio yo decido banner: Planned Parenthood Federation of America.