City Council to consider bringing Artist Ricardo Breceda and his large-scale work of dinosaurs to Cathedral City to create a Jurassic Park

CATHEDRAL CITY — To showcase the revitalized downtown area, Councilmember Nancy Ross is proposing to bring a
temporary Jurassic Dinosaur exhibit across from City Hall.

Cathedral City Could Become Next Jurassic Park

Photo by Susan Myrland..

This exhibit, sponsored by the Museum of Ancient Wonders (Museum), will showcase 11 metal dinosaur sculptures fabricated by renowned Artist Ricardo Breceda. He is a famous metal artist and is especially known for his full-sized Dinosaurs.

The City Council on Wednesday will consider a Special Use Permit  and License Agreement for the “Jurassic Wonders” Exhibit for a minimum period of six months and a maximum of 12 months, beginning Jan. 2, 2022, to be located on city property on the south side of East Palm Canyon Drive, east of Buddy Rodgers across from City Hall.

If approved, there will be four vignettes of dinosaurs:

  • On the front row, west side, there are two dinosaurs.
  • A juvenile T-Rex learning to hunt by stalking a Triceratops.
  • In the center, “Featured Location”, are the two extra large T-Rex’s (15 feet high and 20 feet long) one fighting a Stegosaurus and the other fighting a Parasaurolophus.
  • On the tip of the lot, East side, so actually featured on both front and back of the plot, will be 2 Spinosaurus searching for food.
  • On the West side in the back of the plot with be a grouping of 3 dinosaurs.
  • 2 Velociraptors approaching a long necked Camarasaurus.

This isn’t the first new and creative Ross has brought to the City Council. In August, Ross, the newest elected member of the City Council, proposed  a Fun-O-Rama. Her idea garnered City Council support. It was a free event that embodied the charm of an old-fashioned family fun day with field day activities such as sack races, box relay, cornhole toss, bean bag toss, ring toss, T-ball hit and running bases, basketball dunk, and cupcake walks.

Now, Ross is coming to the dais with the idea of a Jurassic Wonders Exhibit.

Cathedral City Could Become Next Jurassic Park


The city continues to create a high-quality, extremely interesting downtown area that strengthens its character using temporary locations to showcase temporary art, commerce, and expressions such as the Christopher Cichocki’s “Desert Sea” art piece, the Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stick Station, small events and festivals, all for the purpose of attracting people to the City and the Downtown area, according to John Corella, Director of Engineering/Public Works.

Why bring the exhibit to Cathedral City?

Corella answers that question in his staff report.

  • For parents and grandparents alike it will be both a learning experience and a “cool” adventure to explore together with the kids.
  • For younger adults it will a sensational Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Tik-Tok and Website experience they can share. Our Dinosaurs will be the talk of the internet.
  • And for the 1000’s who are just passing by this will entice them to stop, right in our downtown and have the chance to see what Cathedral City has to offer. Maybe go to one of our restaurants for lunch or to a local businesses and see what they have.

Lastly, this will also give them the opportunity to see, visit and explore the Museum of Ancient Wonders, the only museum in Cathedral City.

The Parks and Community Events Commission reviewed The Jurassic Wonders Exhibit on Oct. 25. It recommends that City Council approve a Special Use Permit and License Agreement for the “Jurassic Wonders” Exhibit.


Image Sources

  • Ricardo Breceda: Susan Myrland.