Is $7.27 per gallon for gasoline realistic? [Opinion]

Bank of America is telling all who will listen that gas prices will increase another 45% by 2022! That means a gallon of Unleaded Regular could be $ 7.27 per gallon in many states.

Many areas are already paying more than $5. per gallon for Premium Unleaded and motorists are placing the blame on policies pushed into place last January by the Biden-Harris Administration.

The fact that Bank of America petroleum industry analysts see OPEC forcing crude oil prices up to  $ 120.00  per barrel should be alarming to everyone who buys gasoline to get to work or take children to school.

If you think the crisis at the ports to unload ships and get those loads onto trucks taking those goods to market now is bad, wait to diesel fuel prices, that are already high, go even higher.

One U.S. Senator, Joe Mancihn, blames current administration polices for the oil shortage and high prices of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Manchin is chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee and agreed with the assessment that these prices are just the beginning of higher fuel prices for Americans.

Manchin as much as called President Biden a liar when President Biden said the fuel price hikes “were caused by OPEC and Russia.”

Manchin noted that the United States had achieved energy independence for the first time in 67 years.  Those who are fair and objective know that Manchin was telling the truth about energy independence achieved under former President Trump.

Manchin believes we have the technology and ability to return to energy independence. The liberal Senator, now rebranded as a moderate, represents the stare of West Virginia. His state is “swimming on an ocean of natural gas” and is a coal producer.

When prices hit $6-plus per gallon, let’s say, $7.27 per gallon, not a Democratic seat will be safe in the Senate or House in many states.

Many political analysts have been saying the “Democrats know they will lose the House in 2022 and are forcing policy through the House as fast as possible before Republicans takeover.”

When Blue Virginia went Red earlier this week, conservatives and moderates sent a message — but will the Administration and Speaker hear it? It doesn’t seem like it!

These gas price increases hurt low- and moderate-income families the most. They are crippling the trucking industry along with rail and airline industry’s. Americans are already sick of higher prices for groceries, gas, housing, and rent.

Democrats and particularly the socialist left are turning its base against them. It doesn’t look like they are going to stop pushing the green agenda.

Americans want clean air. They want a safe environment. Many are asking why the USA has to pay for cleaning up air pollution created by China and India!


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