The following is my opinion and my opinion only.  The special election is over, it’s time to work together.   If you review the results of this election, no side really won.  District 1, much like the Country, is split.  Yes, Councilmember-elect Lamb got more votes than Mr. Kaplan.  She has been elected.  We all need to accept that, support her and move forward.

Over the years I have been the subject of banter on both sides.  Why is that? Because I chose to talk to a former Mayor or I talk to the spouse of a former Councilmember. To those critics, “Whatever.”

To get things done, you have to work with those who you may differ. Agree on the things you have in common!  Don’t fight everything just because of personalities.  I worked with the former Mayor and others to get the Panorama “Park Assessment” repealed.  Does it benefit us both, and the community, absolutely!  I, unfortunately, have participated in that banter in the past.  I realize now that it does no good and when you work together things happen.

My pledge to myself when former Mayor Greg Pettis died was to be a better person.  I will continue to debate the issues with facts, as I did when a sitting Councilmember said he wanted to look at American Medical Response to replace our Paramedic Ambulances.  It’s a bad idea and I have the facts to prove it.

Life is too short to always be fighting.  Fight for your values and stop demonizing other people.  It really does nothing to move us forward.  I am not saying stop fighting for what you believe in, but terms like “tolerant straights” or “low IQ” only stoke the fire.

Cathedral City has a lot of room for improvement, which is why we ALL must work together.  Put our personalities aside and get things done.  We (the City) have a lot of good things coming, such as the Casino, Amphitheatre, and more housing developments.   But, if we can’t work together and we continue fighting each other, we will go backwards. I don’t think any of us want that.

So, again, the election is over and another one is right around the corner.  Be kind to one another!  Let us all wish Councilmember-elect Rita Lamb the best!


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  • Game Over: Image by Grzegorz Skibka from Pixabay