PALM SPRINGS –Some reports that Christmas trees are in short supply are more hype than fact, according to one local retailer.

Jan Schuch, owner of Palm Springs Christmas Trees, said her supply from an Oregon couple who have grown the fragrant firs for more than 30 years, is plentiful.

She has some 900 trees looking for a home between now and Dec. 23, when she closes the high-profile makeshift tree store on Ramon Road.

Schuch also disputes reports that the price of Christmas trees has skyrocketed this year. She has raised her fees a nominal $2 to help offset shipping, she said. The price of a tree is based on how long it takes a tree to grow. The longer it takes for a tree to grow, the higher the price.

The prices in Schuch’s tent are:

  • 7-foot Noble fir, $90 (the most popular)
  • 7-foot Grand fir, $75 (the most fragrant)
  • 7-foot Douglas fir, $60

All are freshly cut, Schuch said.

The beauty of Palm Springs Christmas Trees sales lies not only in the beauty of the full, lush branches but also that which is not visible to the naked eye. The sales are also a partial fundraiser for the Palm Springs High School Spirit of the Sands band. Band students help work the lot after school and on weekends.

Christmas tree sales have helped send the band to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day this year. In 2018, proceeds helped underwrite the band’s trip to London on New Year’s Day.

Two of her sons play, or have played, in the band.


Christmas Trees are Plentiful, Local Retailer Says

Jacob and Jan Schuch fit a Christmas tree into a stand.

Jacob Schuch, 15, plays trombone in the band. He was busy helping out this week.

“For me, I enjoy it. I was 7 when I started. I always preferred selling to avoid manual labor,” he said with a smile and laugh. “I love getting people in the Christmas spirit. The best part is seeing them get that perfect tree.”

And, while the adults are selecting a tree, Jacob is busy creating Charlie Brown Christmas trees. He drills a hole in a circular slab of bark and inserts a single branch from a tree. He gives them to the children so each has his or her own tree. As a child, he had his own Charlie Brown Christmas tree and wants to share that with others.

The tree tent has long been a staple of the holiday season in Palm Springs. People come from throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond to touch, feel, smell and ultimately hand-select one of the trees.  Choices. Choices. So many choices.

Many customers have become regulars, Schuch said.

“It’s a really fun time of reconnecting with people,” she said.

This is the only locally owned and operated Christmas tree lot in the desert


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