PALM SPRINGS – The move to district-based elections in November is causing some confusion about who gets to vote, who doesn’t, and in what district you live.

It is one of the most-often question Uken Report receives when writing about the upcoming election or those filing a State of Intention to become a candidate.

First, check out the approved District map by clicking here.

Some residents say they have looked at the map, and studied the map, but there is still a modicum of confusion.

Some asked Uken Report to provide a geographical description of districts by areas of the community or even by major landmarks, so we turned to the expert.

“A physical description would not be pretty and rather difficult to understand,” City Clerk Anthony J. Mejia told Uken Report. “Also, I don’t think tying districts to landmarks would work well, because large landmarks such as the airport touch three districts. Even the Downtown, depending on how you describe the boundaries of the Downtown could be inclusive of three Districts.”

More confusion.

But, he didn’t leave it there.

Mejia offered an answer and an easy-to-understand way of finding out in which district you live.

Simply click here. (At the top of the page, “Locate your district using the city’s interactive map viewer.”) It allows you to enter your personal address and locate your district.

It’s quick and simple. Most important, it eliminates any confusion.

Only residents in Districts 1, 2, and 3 get to vote in November.

Candidate hopefuls are already busy filing their Statement of Intention.

Residents in District 1 that have each filed a Candidate Intention Statement are Summer H. Morris, Grace E. Garner, and Les Young.

Residents in District 2 who have signed official statements are Peter J. MaiettaCarlton (Carl) A. Baker, and Adrian M. Alcantar.

Incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Geoff Kors is only one in District 3 who has filed a Candidate Intention Statement.

Is the confusion cleared up?



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