In this current political climate where the divide between Liberals and Conservatives seems to grow further and further apart, it’s no surprise that many voters feel their voice falls on deaf ears during this time of uncertainty and unease.

This current age of National Political Antagonism is perhaps no worse than other times in our nation’s history, but it’s been intensified in our generation through a never ending 24/7 news cycle and an ever growing social media amplifying the extreme ends of the political spectrum from Washington to the local level.

No sooner had the list of qualified candidates for Cathedral City, City Council been released than did local political groups begin screening out candidates through a party litmus test to make sure candidates were suitable by their measure and that their priorities would be served.

So, is this really the best our political system can ever be?  All of us as candidates have political opinions, we each have our own view of our society and we each have our own personal convictions. But the “job” of City Council should not begin with our personal agendas to exacerbate the divide. If that’s the case nothing meaningful will ever get done if the first step is for every candidate to choose sides for a political fight.

The “job” of City Council is to represent our constituents — not divide the community. As diverse as our fine city is we must be the voice of all its citizens and get the job done they expect. People expect a city government that works, they expect the streets and utilities to work, they expect their neighborhoods and schools to be safe and they expect that City Hall is frugal when it comes to spending our tax dollars.

If we as candidates now and as City Council members later can make the commitment to do this job, we can begin to work on those priority issues and all the other issues which address the concerns of all of us who chose Cathedral City as our home — without a divide.

Let’s get the job done!