I have concluded that we either have the dumbest President since James Buchanan in 1856 OR Donald Trump is inching closer and closer to Treason.

He goes to Quebec for a meeting of the G7 (the 7 industrial nations minus Russia), promptly announces he is going to leave early and won’t be there for the traditional signing of the joint communique.  Prior to arrival he slaps massive tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union (ALL of which are our allies).  He accuses Canada of burning the White House in the War of 1812 – wrong, it was England, gets into an argument with the Canadian Prime Minister over the tariff’s, climate change and other issues, calling him weak and dishonest.  He must have been looking in a mirror when he said that.

Then the dumbest announces that Russia should be brought back into the organization.  (They were removed for their invasion of Crimea a few years ago.)  He then blames President Obama as the reason Russia invited.  He has become a very public lackey for Vladimir Putin and Russia.  It simply astonishes the mind. Think dumbest.

As he left Quebec to travel to Singapore for his summit with North Korea, he threatened to end all trade with the western countries if they dared to retaliate for his tariff imposition.

In Singapore, the dumbest acknowledged that he had done little to no preparation for the summit and that it was going to be personality that wins out.  Of course, President Un has been doing nothing but prepare.  All the while saying North Korea only has “one shot” to make a deal.  The one thing we do know about the summit is that King Donald The First is going to try to make this all about himself and the rest of the world be damned.

Even as he is out of the country the Mueller investigation follows.  More indictments were handed down this week, more resignations and terminations from the White House occurred and the President boldly state that 1) he cannot be indicted and 2) over 30 pardons are in some stage of preparation.  All of this led to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally finding a back bone and said that no one is above the law.

This is a tenuous and scary time in the country and world.  I feel more unease than I ever felt during Richard Nixon and Watergate.

Locally the primary elections have come and gone.  No real surprises, but some disappointments.  I was very sad that John Chiang did not perform better.  I still believe he was the most qualified candidate for Governor, but we now move on and support Gavin Newson in November.  Also, I was very disappointed and discouraged in the race for County Supervisor.  There was no reason for it to become as nasty and dirty as it did.  I have known and liked Jan Harnik for close to a decade.  She is a hard worker and totally committed to her city.  She is a far better legislator and person than her campaign showed.  I think had she stayed positive and run the campaign she is capable of it would have been much closer.

City elections will be coming in November as well.  Filing period opens in about one month (can you believe it?).  In Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs folks are beginning to make announcements and prepare.  I am sure that is true in the city’s further east.  It’s going to be a long 5 months.  All elections are important but there are many things occurring this year; nationally, in the state and locally.  If you are not registered GET REGISTERED!  And VOTE!  Remember if you don’t vote you give up your right to complain.

That’s it for this week.

Dumbest President Since 1856 [Opinion]


Stay strong – KEEP RESISTING!!!