Well, the President doesn’t stop. Attacks, engaging in Twitter warfare and slandering those who disagree with him. That seems to be fine to the House of Representatives (well, the Republicans), yet they were sure were quick to attack the comedienne who spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The US/North Korea summit is coming soon. The North Korea dictator says he will give up his nuclear weapons if the US promises not to invade his country. He may want to rethink that now that Trump seems ready to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal.

Special news came out that the Trump campaign has been paying his former attorney, Michael Cohen’s legal bills. Hmmm, what does the president want from Cohen? Since the amount is over $130,000, the same as what Cohen paid Stormy Daniels for silence – seems like the President may want the same from Cohen, not the sex but silence.

Locally, the valley’s Path of Life homelessness program is becoming a bit more controversial. Some cities, including Cathedral City, are Beginning to balk at paying POLM more money when they are not placing homeless in group homes throughout the valley, but shipping them off to Riverside or subcontracting to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. The feeling is if CVRM is doing the job, maybe they should have the contract. Time will tell.

New estimates are in on job creation for the cannabis industry. Reports are saying that within 5 years there will be 2 million jobs in the cannabis industry! That is huge. And a whole lot more than Trump’s plan to bring back coal.

Speaking of coal, the Administration has announced they are rolling back emission controls for automobiles saying the regulations are “unhealthy”. I always thought the blanket of smog draping the Los Angeles basin while I was growing up in the 60’s was what was unhealthy.

Ford Motor Co. has announced that they are retiring all of their sedans; I.e., Taurus and Focus, and will only be making SUV’s and hatchbacks. There will be hybrids offered but it does look as if the day of what we consider traditional cars will be going away.

Remember, Cathedral City’s public input sessions for the General Plan update continues on May 8 at 5 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Agua Caliente Elementary School on San Luis Rey Drive. This General Plan is going to be laying out the city’s goals and aspirations through 2040. Come lend your voice.

That’s it for this week. Stay strong. Keep resisting!