Easter spending will drop among those who celebrate the holiday

With Easter Sunday around the corner, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its Easter Survey, which found that 69% of Americans who celebrate the holiday plan to spend less on Easter this year than they did in 2022.

This survey was released alongside WalletHub’s report on 2023’s Best Places to Celebrate Easter, as well as expert commentary, and its Easter Facts & Stats – Church, Candy & Cash infographic.

To find out which cities promise the most egg-citing time on April 9, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 12 key metrics, ranging from candy and chocolate shops per capita to the city’s Christian population.

Best Cities for Easter
1. Pittsburgh, PA
2. Buffalo, NY
3. El Paso, TX
4. New Orleans, LA
5. Birmingham, AL
6. Orlando, FL
7. Miami, FL
8. Las Vegas, NV
9. Albuquerque, NM
10. St. Louis, MO
11. Honolulu, HI
12. Atlanta, GA
13. Cincinnati, OH
14. Laredo, TX
15. Wichita, KS
16. Milwaukee, WI
17. Tampa, FL
18. Long Beach, CA
19. St. Paul, MN
20. Cleveland, OH

Easter Facts & Stats – Church, Candy & Cash

  • $24 Billion: Total Easter-related spending expected in 2023 ($192 per person celebrating).
  • $3.3 Billion: Projected Easter spending on candy.
  • $49,000: Price of the world’s most expensive chocolate Easter bunny.
  • 78%: Share of people who eat chocolate bunnies’ ears first.
  • 60%: Share of parents who plan on sending Easter baskets to their children after they’ve moved out.

For the full infographic, please visit the link provided here.

Easter Survey Key Stats

  • Inflation has a big impact. Nearly half of Easter observers expect inflation to impact their Easter spending this year.
  • Some people are decreasing donations. 28% of Easter-celebrating Americans plan to donate less than the usual amount to their church this Easter.
  • Taxes don’t matter as much for church donations. Nearly 70% of people say they don’t consider the tax benefits when making religious donations.
  • Religious organizations will benefit from tax refunds. 21% of people say they will donate some of their tax refund to a religious organization.
  • Many people lack financial confidence. 44% of Americans don’t feel confident about their finances heading into spring.

To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit the link here.



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