CATHEDRAL CIRY —  The wheels are expected to be put in motion Wednesday to begin recruitment of a fie chief to replace Fire Chief Paul Wilson who has announced that he will be retiring from the Cathedral City Fire Department at month’s end.

Wilson told Uken Report he and his wife, Pam, are moving to Arizona to be near family

The City Council on Wednesday, May 13, will consider a Budget Amendment in the amount of $25,000 for executive recruitment for a fire chief.

Chief Wilson’s retirement will create a vacancy that is necessary to be filled, according to Eugenia Torres, Human Resources Manager. Staff feels that it is essential that the city move forward, at this time, with the recruitment of the fire chief position due to the level of the position, especially during
these uncertain times, where strong leadership is critical, Torres wrote in a staff report.

The Fire Chief works closely with the City Manager, City Council, all City Departments,a variety of public and private organizations, and is a key figure in the community.

As a key position, the actions and influence of the Fire Chief have strong ramifications not only across the entire public spectrum, but also play a major role in the well-being and vitality of the residential and business community. The City has engaged in a formal recruitment for the City’s next Fire Chief with Bob Murray and Associates.

Bob Murray and Associates is highly recommended by various agencies. Their firm previously assisted the City with the recruitment of City Manager Charlie McClendon and Police Chief George Crum.

With their expertise to find candidates to fill difficult roles, they can access the largest talent pool to target the right candidates, according to Torres.

Their services will include:
• Develop the Candidate Profile
• Develop Advertising Campaign and Recruitment Brochure• Recruit Candidates
• Conduct Personal Interviews
• Conduct Public Record Search
• Provide Recommendation
• Assist with Final Interviews
• Conduct Detailed Reference Checks
• Assist with Negotiations
• Provide Compete Administrative Assistance

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