One of staples of most any Easter basket is the beloved Jelly Bean.

They are so popular that Americans reportedly snack on more than 16 billion Jelly Beans on Easter.

Since Easter is almost here, and National Jelly Bean Day is coming up on April 22nd, got curious about which Jelly Bean flavors people love most. When its staff gets curious, it digs through 10-plus years of sales data. And it surveys “a ton” of people too.

Using the Jelly Bean sales data from the past 10 years and SurveyMonkey and Facebook polls of more than 12,000 candy customers and followers, staff ranked the most loved Jelly Bean flavors in all 50 states and the 32 most popular flavors nationally.

“Black licorice has been solidly one of the top flavors of jelly beans, probably since the 1950s,” Clair Robins of told Uken Report. “Cherry, grape and licorice just seem to have that old time feel. They’re classics.  So, from that perspective it was a surprise when Buttered Popcorn jumped licorice as the favorite jelly bean flavor in America. Buttered Popcorn is a newer flavor, introduced decades after licorice. So it’s much newer and you might think less established. It’s also a divisive flavor. People tend to either love it or hate it. Enough people love it now that is has overcome the odds to be the No. 1 jelly bean flavor.”

Any idea what the most popular Jelly Bean flavor is in California?

More in a minute. ranked the top 30 Jelly Bean flavors rankings across the country based on more than 12,000 votes and more than a decade of Jelly Bean sales data.

There is a new king in town this year. Last year, Black Licorice was the top Jelly Bean, but it has been unseated.

Drum roll, please.

The No. 1 selling Jelly Bean this year is Buttered Popcorn.

Yes, it’s polarizing, but thousands of people love this smooth, salty and savory jelly bean the best, while others scrunch up their noses when it’s mentioned. Some even write nasty comments about it in their survey form.

Rounding out the top 10 most popular are:

No. 2: Licorice

No. 3: Cinnamon

No. 4: Watermelon

No. 5: Cherry

No. 6: Pear / Juicy Pear

No. 7: Orange

No. 8: Green Apple

No. 9: Toasted Marshmallow

No. 10: Coconut

For a list of the top 30 flavors and favorite flavors in each state, click here.

Now, as for Californians’ favorite flavor? They love the No. 1 favorite — Buttered Popcorn.