Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Needs to Go [Opinion]

President Biden and members of his National Security Council got the news that at least 12 US service members were among those killed outside Kabul airport while he was inside a secure bunker at the White House. At the very least, Gen. Mark Milley should resign or be fired by the Commander In Chief.

Russian diplomats were first to make public media statements on the attack, initial casualty count, and wounded.

Warning of the an imminent attack was made in advance by our western allies. It is unclear if allies took casualties but the Russians reported one dead in the bombing and small arms fire.

It is also reported that Taliban were hosing down those gathered at more than one gate in an effort to stop those gathered from making entry into the airport .

Western Allies remained stunned by the lack of leadership in Washington, D.C., and question “if the U. S. Is Build Back Better.”

Meanwhile airlift of civilians continues on charter aircraft and military transports. Civilian air carriers have be activated to assist in evacuation of American citizens and Afghan Nationals who worked with U S Forces.

Leaders from both side of the aisle are calling for answers as to why the U S wasn’t ready for the withdrawal and why Intelligence and Pentagon leaders hadn’t prepared for the fall of Afghanistan.

Senior military leaders on the Joint Chiefs of Staff serve at the pleasure of the President. We have troops, Americans’ sons and daughters in harm’s way, and we have a complete lack of leadership by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Military planners working within the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force are responsible for our readiness. Before President Biden had announced he would speed up the withdrawal, former President Trump ordered every leader at every level knew we were pulling the plug on Afghanistan.

Some Americans will remember the late Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee, during Nixon’s Watergate Hearings asking, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

We need to get Americans safely out of Afghanistan, no matter what it takes. We need to get those who helped  our service members out of Afghanistan and into countries willing to accept the refugees.

After all this is over and House and Senate members conduct hearings, we need answers as to why leadership at the Pentagon and Intelligence services went Missing In Action and left Americans to “find their own way to the airport.”

Allies had their eyes open — and frankly don’t trust this administration. Our enemies don’t fear this administration!

When America gives its word to allies we must mean it!  Please remember the lost and wounded in your thoughts and prayers.


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