Indio Lindo, the Beautification Program, Enhances City and Unites Communities

IIndio Lindo Beautification Program UnderwayNDIO — This community has launched an innovative beautification program called Indio Lindo. It is designed to transform the community and foster a positive connection among its members. The Indio Lindo program has already started its work of making the community more beautiful, according to Karina Campos, marketing assistant.

On July 29, Indio held the first community Indio Lindo clean-up event in the Desert Gardens Community. Several city council members and eight city staff participated in the event, along with local community volunteers. During the event, the team collected bags of trash, disposed of unwanted items, and gave 12 fire hydrants a fresh coat of paint. City staff painted 1,450 linear feet of wall and added a brown top line to columns for aesthetic appeal. They continued to the Southwest Corner of Avenue 46 and Clinton Street and painted an additional 970-linear foot stretch of wall.

Indio Lindo Beautification Program Underway

Mayor Oscar Ortiz

“I’m excited to see our Indio residents, businesses, and city staff come together to help each other out with these new community clean-up efforts.” Indio Mayor Oscar Ortiz said in a statement. “Together we we’ll continue to build community support and volunteer efforts to make Indio a cleaner and healthier place to live for all of our families.”

Indio Lindo is funded through grants, donations, and general funding.

Through a variety of initiatives and projects, Indio Lindo endeavors to create a more visually appealing, welcoming, and vibrant environment for all residents and visitors alike, according to the city’s website. With a strong commitment to community engagement, the program collaborates with local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and enthusiastic volunteers to ensure a collective effort in shaping the city’s beauty. From community clean-ups to park enhancements, public art installations, and cultural celebrations, the city of Indio aims to weave together the cultural fabric of Indio, celebrating its identity while instilling in residents a profound love and appreciation for their beloved city. As a beacon of collective spirit and unity, Indio Lindo reflects the city’s dedication to creating a place its residents can truly cherish and take pride in.

As the Indio Lindo program continues to progress, the city will become cleaner and more appealing. Indio encourages residents and businesses to join its efforts and unite the community through positive change. To stay informed with the latest Indio Lindo news and events, the public is invited to visit Indio Lindo’s page on the city website at

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