New York’s Attorney General has filed suit against the National Rifle Association. Her allegations of wrongdoing by NRA leaders is as long as your arm and then some.

Naturally, NRA leadership filed its own lawsuit. This will be an epic battle. The investigation into the NRA begin in 2019 by the New York Attorney General. The lawsuit leaves no doubt that this Attorney General isn’t a fan of the NRA, its leadership, business practices, political activities, or 5 million members.

Those who oppose the Second Amendment will likely side with the New York Attorney General. Those who support the “ Right to Keep and Bear Arms” will be up in arms. Stand by for the same arguments both sides put forward on this topic for decades.

The Attorney General of New York is out to shut down the not-for-profit NRA. This should alarm anyone who supports not-for-profits. Those who work with not-for-profits or lead them establish the bylaws of those organizations. Those bylaws set the rules and regulations of its structure, compensation, benefits, retirement, travel, expenditures and reimbursements. Those who operate those not-for-profits report to a board of directors.

When an employee falls out of favor, retires, or moves on, it may be a board or CEO who handles those severance agreements. The same may be said about the day-to-day operations of any not-for-profit.

Board chairs, board members, CEO’s, and not-for-profits everywhere should take notice of this litigation. Yes, not-for-profits have been investigated before. Many have been cleared of allegations in court or in appeals court. Often the rights of not-for-profits have been violated by litigation filed by Attorney Generals on the federal and state level. Yes, some are guilty as charged, too.

Every American and every media outlet or organization should be concerned when politicians file cases to score political points with their political supporters. Sadly, this seems to be a trend.

State and federal governments have what seems like endless resources. Even the NRA and it’s 5 million members will be hard-pressed to go toe-to-toe with the Office of the Attorney General of New York. Plenty of examples of individuals losing all they have to defend themselves against politically motivated government charges exist.

The Supreme Court has consistency upheld your right to own a rifle or pistol. The presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said he feels “a shot gun“ is OK for Americans to own. President Trump supports your right to own rifles and pistols and  has supported  restrictions on “bump stock” laws regarding their manufacturing and sale.

It makes us wonder if this is just a typical political play by a politician who wants to be Governor of New York — or  maybe a U.S. Senator from New York? Or has the conduct of this not-for-profit been so bad she wants to shut the NRA down in New York and across the country?

Stand by as this will be a trial for the ages. The state will use its vast resources and fire its best shots at the NRA and the NRA will return fire. What happens in New York will be watched closely by political types, anti gun types, Second Amendment defenders, and will be the subject of talk radio and cable TV hosts.

Americans who own a firearm for protection in homes and businesses will also be watching. Since many Americans own firearms and have recently been buying them at a fast pace following and during this civil unrest and disobedience are glad the NRA has defended gun ownership rights. Others not so happy about that will be hoping the NRA falls.

The lawsuit will no doubt send gun sales through the roof across the country. Most understand that for their lifetime it has been the NRA that defended their right to keep and bear arms.

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