Dr. Jill Biden has a long history of supporting America’s active duty [Opinion]

First Lady Jill Biden recently said, ”I am a National Guard Mom” when she met members of America’s National Guard who were deployed to the National Capitol during her husband’s inauguration in January.

Her  late son Maj. Beau Biden served as a lawyer with the Delaware National Guard and was deployed to the Middle East as a member of the Judge Advocate Generals Corp.

She will be making an official visit on Wednesday to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms where she will have the opportunity to meet with Marines and family members. Dr. Jill Biden has a long history of supporting America’s active duty, National Guard, and Reserve members while serving as our 2nd lady in the Obama-Biden Administration.

Despite former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ criticism of her husband, President Biden, in his book “Duty: Memoirs of A Secretary at War,“ you can find few who criticize Jill Biden or her concern for military families and and our active duty, National Guard, Reserves, or Veterans.

In 2011, Dr. Jill Biden co-founded “Joining Forces.” with former First Lady Michelle Obama. The effort helped organizations big and small work with military families and service members. After 2017 she continued to work with military support organizations through the Biden Foundation.

The Marine Corps’ largest military base was established in 1952 and is garrison for the 7th Marine Regiment. Officially designated as Marine Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms the base functions as a desert warfare training ground.

Permanent party Marines and Naval personnel have family members at the base. Issues of concern to military families haven’t changed much over the years. Health care for families, coping with family finances while the spouse is deployed, housing, PTSD concerns with their service members and ensuring quality care, education, and finding meaningful employment top the list of concerns Dr. Biden will likely hear during her visit.

Personnel in Temporary Duty Billets at the base add family separation anxiety to the list along with coping with the reforms of desert warfare training at the scenario village on Middle East warfare.

Mrs. Biden will likely meet with the Commanding General, Command Sergeant Major, Marine and Naval personnel, and family members during her visit on Wednesday.

Whatever your political party — those who care about our military personnel and their dependents should welcome the genuine support and concern of our First Lady for our service members and families.

Perhaps the House and Senate will take note of Dr. Biden’s work and support reforms that make military life and times more pleasant for families. The promise the nation makes to service members’ families and those serving must be kept.



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