A pair of local conservative KNEWS talk show hosts have weaponized the airwaves to demonize two Republican 36th Congressional District candidates –Doug Hassett and, of course, Dan Ball.

CashinThe bombastic KNEWS duo — Rich “Da’ Coach” Gilgallon  and Paul Cashin — accuses Hassett and Ball of not being serious candidates, of not doing the work needed to win and mocks them for not raising money – all the while pushing Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, the golden child of East Valley Republican Women Federated.

Listen for yourself below. There are two segments.

The duo, hosts of “Hot Talk,” which airs weekday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on KNEWS 94.3 and 104.7, has been suspended, according to at least three sources with knowledge of the situation.  Vice President and Market Manager Tricia Bastida told Uken Report they took the week off.

Their abrupt absence from the airwaves comes immediately on the heels of one of the hosts, Gilgallon, accusing Ball of driving with his 10-year-old daughter after drinking and of not serving in the military. Ball refutes both accusations and more.

Hassett is a soft-spoken man but he’s not letting the pair of talking heads on KNEWS verbally assault him, especially in his absence, without pushback in a way only Hassett could.

“I think it would have been better for “Hot Talk” if they would have done something similar to the Bill Feingold Show where they let candidates have some on air time to talk about themselves, why they’re running and the issues important to them,” Hassett told Uken Report.  “The Bill Feingold show and KESQ let the candidates talk without taking sides.  The power of the microphone is mighty and in my opinion should not be used to promote one candidate over the other.

“In all of this, what’s most important to note is that I’m one of the hardest-working candidates in the campaign,” Hassett continued.  “It was mentioned  about me that I was not doing the work, but I have been doing the work, many days 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. and my family knows it as they witness it daily.  I’ve been from one end of the district to the other, introducing myself and telling people exactly where I stand on the issues of the day.”

In doing that, Hassett said it has his honor to have met really great people and to have received endorsements from a state Senator, and both current and former mayors and city councilman.

“In addition, I am being supported quietly by many others,” Hassett said.

“Beyond being married to the most wonderful woman, and being a father to a really great daughter, running for the United States Congress has been one of the most wonderful and worthy things I’ve done and some of the hardest work,” Hassett said.  “It’s certainly not as smelly as shoveling the floor of a dairy barn, but thanks to “Hot Talk” it’s getting there. Shovel in hand, I’m moving on and leaving the negative to the uninformed.  I’ve got more important things to do. My thanks to all who support me.”

The void in daytime talk comes during the highly competitive ratings period, which is like the sweeps week of television, when audiences  are measured. It’s a period when you want your best talent on air.

Suspended or taking time off?

To help readers connect the dots, the candidate Gilgallon and Cashin fawn over has also been endorsed by the East Valley Republican Women Federated.

Gilgallon is often heard doing speaking engagements around the Coachella Valley for organizations such as the East Valley Republican Women, according to the station’s website.

When it appeared Gilgallon’s job could be in jeopardy, Joy Meidecke, president of the East Valley Republican Women Federated, was the first to rush to his defense, encouraging people to call the station to save his ass. Her rapid-fire plea is here.

If he lost his job, her candidate might lose one of the most vocal – and influential voices — in the Coachella Valley.