A revolutionary at-home ovulation test kit can predict when a woman might get pregnant with a proven 98.9 percent accuracy rate.

A single drop of saliva can predict the likelihood that a woman could become pregnant on any given day.

The new KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit, which has been FDA reviewed, registered and certified, is a saliva-based daily monitoring method that is different on many levels from traditional urine ovulation tests. It features a mini-ovulation microscope that can be re-used daily to monitor the gradual increase of estrogen in the saliva and identify a woman’s five most fertile days per cycle.  Urine-based kits do not measure estrogen, but instead track sudden and short-lived surges in luteinizing hormones, with potentially less accurate results, especially for women with irregular cycles.

Know Your Optimal Time for IntimacyKNOWHEN is natural, safe, and simple to use. Because the mini-ovulation microscope can be reused daily and indefinitely, there is no guesswork about when to test each month, in contrast to messy urine testing kits which contain a limited number of one-use strips.

It is safe, natural, easy-to-use and available over-the-counter. Unlike most urine kits which contain a limited supply of one-use strips, the KNOWHEN kit can be reused indefinitely and there is no second guessing about when to test during the month. It is also effective for women with irregular cycles.

More than a simple ovulation test, KNOWHEN also comes with a free personal fertility monitoring app allowing the user to track her ovulation, menstrual cycles, and sexual activity over time.  “We wanted to offer our user a better understanding of – and ultimately greater control over her reproductive health,” Helen Denise, CEO of HiLin Life Products, the Newark, NJ-based manufacturer of KNOWHEN, said in prepared statement.  “In addition, the app creates a storehouse of invaluable, long-term information she can share with her healthcare provider as needed.

Know Your Optimal Time for IntimacyAt age 40, Denise said she nearly died due to an ectopic pregnancy and post-operational complications. She was determined to develop a product for women to accurately, easily and cost-effectively monitor and understand their reproductive cycles. Denise recognized that this personal awareness was crucial for women’s health at every stage of life, from puberty, through menstruation and pregnancy to menopause. KNOWHEN® is a lipstick-sized, highly accurate medical marvel for home use that allows women to take an active role in their fertility/birth control choices. For example, every year there are 7 million women in the United States with conception problems and 5 million of them are fertile. KNOWHEN® gives them a holistic, natural approach to understanding if they are ovulating, when they are most fertile, the exact time of month to have sex and/or seek professional help.

Denise told FoxNews.com that when she was 40 she was under the false impression that she couldn’t get pregnant. As a result, she was having unprotected sex with her partner which ended in an ectopic pregnancy. The experience left her shaken and determined to help other women better understand their bodies and fertility cycles.

When a woman is ovulating and levels of estrogen are elevated, the saliva becomes more saline in composition. To use the test, the user puts a drop of saliva on the kit’s mini-ovulation microscope lens immediately after she wakes up—before brushing her teeth or drinking coffee.

Users can interpret their results by looking at the type of pattern left on the lens by the dried saliva. Women who are not ovulating and are at the least fertile point in their cycle will see dots on the lens, while those who are nearing the beginning or end of their ovulation period will observe a few fern-like patterns. Women who are ovulating will observe defined fern-like patterns on the lens, which signals their most fertile period for the best chance of conceiving a child.

In clinical testing in the U.S., the Ob/Gyn-recommended KNOWHEN has been proven 98.9% accurate.  Accuracy will not be impacted by medication or the use of fertility drugs.

The KNOWHEN kit includes English/Spanish instructions, fertility monitor app download instructions, a personal fertility chart, a lens cleaning cloth and a carrying case.  To test each day, upon waking (before brushing teeth or consuming coffee) the user simply places a drop of saliva on the microscope lens, waits a few minutes until it dries, and views the results.

Suggested retail for the KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is $49.99.   To purchase online or find a retailer please visit www.knowhen.com.