Lamb Withdraws Restraining Order Request

Lamb Withdraws Restraining Order Request

CATHEDRAL CITY — One day after the special election in which Rita Lamb is a nose ahead of her opponent, Shelley Kaplan, she is withdrawing her request for a restraining order against Kaplan’s spouse, Alan Carvalho.

A court hearing had been scheduled for today, Aug. 28. Her withdrawal came at the advice of her own attorney.

One woman said Lamb’s request for a restraining order was nothing more than a “stunt.”

Lamb Withdraws Restraining Order Request

David Greenberg

“It is my belief this was never meritorious from the beginning,” David Greenberg, Carvalho’s attorney told Uken Report. “This appears to be completely politically motivated and has been an utter waste of the court’s time.

“Mr. Carvalho never did anything wrong,” Greenberg continued. “He was acting perfectly civilly and within his rights. We were happy to fight for him in this case.”

Greenberg was a prosecutor for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for 20 years.

Lamb Withdraws Restraining Order Request

Lynnie O’Neill

Lynnie O’Neill, a Cathedral City resident and Kaplan supporter, minced no words in telling Uken Report what she thought of Lamb’s request for a restraining order against Carvalho.

“Miss Lamb stated after she filed the petition that violence against women is a serious issue,” O’Neill told Uken Report. “That dramatic message was carried by media throughout the Coachella Valley. Yes, it is a serious issue, but so is exploiting actual violence against women for political ambition. Where does Alan go now to get his reputation back? How are the votes lost because of this political stunt retrieved?”

Lamb and her supporters pedaled the allegations to broadcast, print, and digital media platforms two weeks before the election. She claimed she was “frightened” and “scared” of him. She painted him as a madman. Lamb said he “lit” into her and was “pointing” his finger at her.

She shopped the restraining order story to the media two days before Carvalho was ever served.

Lamb could not immediately be reached for comment as to why she is withdrawing her requests for the restraining order.

Election Night vote counting is complete but results are not final. Ballots that are postmarked on or before Election Day and received no later than Friday remain to be counted. The next updated results will be posted at 5 p.. on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Lamb and her husband, David, are neighbors with Kaplan and Carvalho.



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