Mark Carnevale seeks another four-year term on the City Council

CATHEDRAL CITY — Mark Carnevale, first elected to the City Council in November 2014, said he believes that Cathedral City is on the verge of tremendous, smart growth, and he wants to be a part of it.

“I love the people, I love the businesses, I love the City Council and I know I represent the city well, Carnevale told Uken Report. “I have more to give and there is more I want to see done.”

Carnevale was sworn in as mayor of Cathedral City after the shocking death of Gregory S. Pettis. 

Carnevale had just won re-election himself and was going to serve as mayor pro tem for a year. While the city was reeling, Carnevale led with grace and confidence. It was trial by fire. Through it all, he gained immense knowledge of housing, public safety and more. His institutional knowledge has proven invaluable as newcomers have joined the City Council. He is now the longest serving member of the City Council.

“It’s been a good ride,” Carnevale said. “I would be honored to be re-elected.”

He has pulled the necessary paperwork, including nomination papers, to become a bona fide candidate.

Carnevale is seeking the seat in District 3, which includes the neighborhoods of Rio Vista, Verano, Tapestry, Aldea, and Montage. It also includes the Desert Sands Mobile Home Park and Caliente Sands Mobile Home Park.

He and his wife Rhonda, of 50 years, own and operate Nicolino’s Italian Restaurant – a Cathedral City business since 1985.

Family is the core of Mark’s life. He is surrounded by the love of his family including his high school sweetheart and wife, Rhonda. He is blessed with two children, Karrie and Nico, and five grandchildren.

The nomination period for the upcoming November election continues through Aug. 12.

This Election will be for the following seats:

City Treasurer – At Large
District 3 – Council Seat
District 4 – Council Seat
District 5 – Council Seat

Appointments are recommended to pull papers.  Please contact Tracey Hermosillo, City Clerk, at or call at 760-770-0322. to schedule an appointment during regular office hours.

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