Final results show support for Measure K, but short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass

CATHEDRAL CITY — When all ballots were tallied, 6,980 residents, or 54.58%, supported Measure K, a ballot question that proposed to charge property owners a tax to pay for the city to join the Desert Recreation District. But it was not enough.

Some 5,808 voters, or 45.42%, rejected the measure.

While the measure enjoyed significant support, it fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

A “yes” vote would have had the DRD provide parks and reaction services for the city, which does not have a parks and recreation department.

City Manager Charlie McClendon told Uken Report that he is encouraged by the broad support Measure K received.

“With nearly 55% of the people supporting it, that’s a strong endorsement and shows me that residents are interested in having these services,” McClendon said. “The voters sent us a very clear message.”

McClendon said he will be meeting with the DRD, the City Council, and members of the community to discuss next steps. He wants to explore ways of getting the same benefits from DRDDD but perhaps via a different route.

“There is always a way,” he said. “The voters sent us a message.”

Cathedral City is the only Coachella Valley city without its own local parks and recreation department. As a result, local children, families, and seniors have access to fewer parks and recreation programs and services than residents in surrounding communities.

Measure K would have provided recreational programs for all ages, particularly for nearly 15,000 children and youth who have limited after-school programs.

For more than 70 years DRD has maintained neighborhood parks, open spaces, community centers, sports fields, pools and provided quality recreational programs for children, families, and seniors. DRD also provides meals, food distribution, emergency shelters, and cooling and warming centers for people in need.


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