Meeting Pete Buttigieg

Editor’s note: South Bend, Ind.,  Mayor Pete Buttigieg was in Palm Springs on Friday, Nov.. 15 for a private fundraiser in the Andreas Hills. Phillip Moore was among those attending. Following is his first-person account, including how he was feeling prior to meeting the presidential hopeful. Since his appearance in Palm Springs, his stock has continued to rise.

Before the event so many questions were racing in my mind. Is he really the real deal?

So far, he has checked off all the boxes that I believe make him the most electable candidate to be President of the United States.

I set the sound for the event, I had Pete’s lead-in music that I downloaded. And then it happens. He walks out and approaches the stage. There were 200 people standing and applauding!

Wow!  This is real. He is here in Palm Springs!

The moment he began to speak his kind demeanor made me feel at ease. One of the things that separates him from any other candidates is that he’s just like you and me.

He spoke directly to all who attended not as a authoritarian but as a friend, answering questions with honesty and intelligence. It feels very surreal in so many ways.

There is something inside of me that, as trite as it may sound from the movie Star Wars in the uncertainty we face daily with Darth Vader and the forces of evil, ‘Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.’ You’re my only hope.

Since Pete first came on the scene back in April, he has given me hope.  He wants to restore kindness, respect, and stand up for all people! He took time, even with his busy schedule, to listen and take photographs with anyone.

My conclusion after meeting Pete is that he is the President to the people. Exactly what I’ve felt all along.


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