On Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018 we celebrate Veterans Day. Since Armistice Day, when Americans celebrated the end of World War 1, Americans have paused to remember those that served in what was believed to be “The War to End All Wars.”

Unfortunately, politicians and potentates needed more fighting to achieve their goals of conquest and domination and the “War To End All Wars” would not live up to its billing.

On this Veterans Day, America’s fighting men and women remain at war. It is inspiring to know our young men and women continue to enlist in the all volunteer Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Reserves, and Coast Guard. When a man or woman takes the oath today they are doing something 99 percent of today’s  Americans will never do —serve our country in the Armed Forces and put their lives on the line.

Veterans Day honors all who served in our nations military in time of war and peace. Marking this Veterans Day are parades, aircraft flyovers, picnics, barbecue’s, speeches, and special prayers in our churches, synagogues, and mosques for our veterans.

This Veterans Day creates a three-day weekend. That doesn’t make it just another time to party. We are fortunate to have three days to celebrate and honor our veterans on Main Street, in our parks, at our military history museums, and many other places. If you are so inclined, attend one of those special events. All who served appreciate your thanks for their service.

Numerous businesses also honor veterans with free gifts, meals, and discounts. veterans are grateful for the gratitude and generosity. Wherever you are during the three-day weekend please pause to thank our Veterans for their service to our  country. They have earned our thanks and gratitude. All who serve give some and sadly some who serve gave all.




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