CATHEDRAL CITY — Nancy L. Ross, 59, a business owner, is one of two people seeking a four-year term in District 2 i, the Nov. 3 election. Her opponent is J.R. Corrales.

Ross and her husband, Bob,  own and operate three apartment complexes. They have two properties in Oregon and one in Palm Springs where “we are proud to have a 5-plex that we rent as low-income housing,” Ross told Uken Report.

Uken Report has posed similar questions to  all candidates in District 1 and District 2. Corrales has not yet responded.

UR:  Why specifically are you running?

Nancy L. Ross: As a business owner and entrepreneur I will bring leadership experience and vision to help guide Cathedral City forward. I want to continue to serve our city utilizing my knowledge, skills and personal understanding of both the people of the city and how local government can work to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. For more than 3 years I have attended every City Council meeting, study session, Planning Commission meeting, Parks and Events Commission as well as Public Arts Commission where I have also served as a Commissioner. I have listened to 100’s of residents who have come to share their concerns and compliments. With my understanding of the importance of collaboration I can bring together our citizens and communities to work together with the government to achieve elevated results. With fresh ideas I will share my 30 years of public service, bringing strong leadership skills and integrity to unite the citizens of Cathedral City, my neighbors, local businesses and the hard-working people who keep it all going.

UR: Family? Children?

Nancy L. Ross: I am married to Bob Ross who spent the first 22 years of his career serving in the U.S. Navy, mostly as a submariner. The second half of his career was as a general contractor. We have two children, Remington who is 30 and is an adjudicator with the State of Oregon and Katherine who is 28 and is a Biologist.

UR: How long have you lived in Cathedral City?

Nancy L. Ross: For 5 years, full time, but we followed my sister and her wife, who live in La Quinta, for many vacations before we made the permanent move.

UR: What qualifies you to serve on City Council?

Nancy L. Ross: The daughter of an attorney I have understood governance from a young age. I have worked alongside many organizations helping them navigate state and national regulations. As a young mother I was a Little League coach and a PTA President which taught me how to work with all kinds of people. I served for six years on the Board of Directors for a National Civil Rights Organization and have made important decisions, along with my fellow board members, on civil rights cases that greatly impacted individuals and our state. I have spoken regarding civil rights around the country and in 2001 was invited to speak at the White House regarding the civil rights of children. As a business owner who worked in foreign countries, I learned the value of compromise and the joy of working with people of different backgrounds and experiences. I have worked with a variety of community groups and citizens advisory committees to create innovative ideas that helped them and can help now during these difficult COVID 19 times. I know how to look for resources from the Federal Government, State and County in the form of grants that will help our struggling friends and neighbors and allow us to continue our efforts with key city-wide projects. As I wrote in question 4, I have attended every meeting in Council chambers for more than 3 years and have a keen understanding of what the job and the responsibilities of a City Council member are. I have listened to the public and understand what it is they need in a public servant. I have been a Public Arts Commissioner and currently sit on the Cannabis and Homeless Task Forces. I also sit on V. Manuel Perez’s Green Ribbon Commission on homelessness and have participated in the Lift to Rise Community Action Network on the housing struggle in the Coachella Valley. I am, if given the opportunity to serve the fine people of District #2, ready to hit the ground running.

UR: How would you describe yourself?

Nancy L. Ross: I am a hard worker with high levels of ethics and integrity. I hold in great esteem my friends and neighbors in Cathedral City and strive on a daily basis to improve their lives. I possess the skills and experience to facilitate the collaboration which is the cornerstone of most of my good work. I am sure that reaching down to help another up is a personal trait we should all strive for and in that effort my husband and I host 4 fundraisers each year for local and international nonprofits such as Cathedral City Senior Center, Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City, Desert Aids Project and Doctors Without Borders. I am a compassionate supporter of diversity and have worked with many local and national nonprofits advancing those ideals. A loving wife and mother who puts family above all else and a proud community member who simply loves Cathedral City.

UR: Are you a full-time resident?

Nancy L. Ross: Yes



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