Palm Springs Neighborhoods Belong to Full-time Residents

Call me old fashion or “old school,” but I think that neighborhoods should be for neighbors, and not for people coming in for short periods of time.  Full-time residents who live in residential communities in Palm Springs are the backbone of our thriving city.

Those who are promoting “No” on C seem to be saying otherwise.

Permanent residents spend more money over time than tourists.  And, make no mistake, tourists will continue to visit our city and stay in hotels and help our local economy.  More hotels are being built for a reason.  Residential homes are not hotels.

Homes and apartments now being used as short- term rentals could be freed up to provide affordable leased housing for people who want to live in a safe and secure place.

A yes vote on Measure C will end short-term rentals in residential R1 neighborhoods after a two-year phase out period.  Measure C will continue to permit home-sharing, rentals of 28 days or longer, and allow short-term rentals in other areas of our city.  The gloom and doom forecast by those who want to maintain the status quo is completely off-base.

The fact that this issue is on the June 5th ballot is an indication that the people of Palm Springs want a change.  It’s time to stop the practice of those who look at our beautiful city as just a place to make more money.

Editor’s note:

Palm Springs voters can access information on the city’s website about the June 5 special municipal election focused on ballot Measure C.

The deadline to register to vote is May 21. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, June 5.