‘No War’ billboard erected on Dinah Shore on Jan. 10

CATHEDRAL CITY — A second billboard has sprouted along Dinah Shore Drive with a simple and direct message: No war.

The newest billboard went up Tuesday, Jan. 10, and will remain in place until early March. Westbound drivers on Dinah Shore between Cathedral City and Palm Springs can view the billboard easily. You can’t miss it.

“We intend to inform and convince citizens that it is possible to do two things: Build a culture of peace and abolish the institution of war,” spokesman Robert McKechnie of Cathedral City told Uken Report.

The Dinah Shore location offers an opportunity to showcase our thinking in an area that best assures viewing by the largest number of Cathedral City residents, McKechnie said. We want more discussion, more involvement, more people.

The first billboard erected in November in Palm Springs bore a similar message: “3% of U.S. military spending could end starvation of earth.”

More billboards are expected in the future.

Last year, the first act involved getting Cathedral City designed as an International City of Peace, McKechnie said. “This year (2023), we intend to make sure all Cathedral City citizens know by the end of this year.”

The group’s mission is not complicated.

“We oppose war,” McKechnie said.  “We favor a culture of peace. We expect to abolish the institution of war. Most people think this is impossible. We disagree. Looking at history helps us realize that many present-day realities were once thought to be impossible have been realized.  Consider ending smallpox, establishing the vote for woman, outlawing slavery, building the Golden Gate Bridge. The list goes on and on.”

The group, which includes Cathedral City residents Karen Riley and Sue Townsley, focuses on three areas of interest:

  • Peace for individuals.
  • Peace on the streets of Cathedral City,
  • Peace throughout the world.

Four standards demonstrate their core our values:

  • We are not religious.
  • We are not political.
  • We do not fight with anyone.
  • We do not oppose the military.

“We simply think the military should change its mission by calling for permanent peace brought about through peaceful tactics,” McKechnie said.






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