This organization is one of 25 chapters of an international group called World BEYOND War.

CATHEDRAL CITY — War is costly, and some say the money is wasted. Those financial resources could, they explain, be used for more important needs. A new billboard in Palm Springs supports this assertion with this message: “3% of U.S. military spending could end starvation of earth.”

The billboard can be viewed by southbound drivers on Gene Autry Trail between Interstate 10 and Vista China, according to California for a World BEYOND War spokesman Robert McKechnie of Cathedral City.

This organization is one of 25 chapters of an international group called World BEYOND War.

This assertion is based on peer-reviewed research completed at the Stockholm International Peace Institute. According to that group, the United States spends about half of all military spending in the world. That is, fewer than 5% of the world’s population must come up with the money for 50% of the $2 trillion of annual military spending. At the same time, the citizens of the United States do not benefit from universal health care.

According to McKechnie, California for a World BEYOND War intends to join other groups in efforts to build a culture of peace, abolish the institution of war, and create an economy that benefits all citizens (and not just the wealthy few).

McKechnie founded the state-wide organization with Dari Hetherman of Altadena.  They work to persuade Californians and others that ending war is possible and necessary if human beings intend to survive into the future.

Founded in the Summer of 2020, California for a World BEYOND War offers a welcoming space for those who share a common vision: a world where all human conflict is resolved by nonviolent means. It provides a forum for both new and seasoned activists to engage in peace education, discussion, and action.

Tens of thousands of people across 193 countries worldwide who have signed onto World BEYOND War’s Declaration of Peace, including over 700+ organizational pledge signers. We coordinate 23 chapters in 12 countries and maintain partnerships with 94 affiliates around the world.

You may sign the Declaration of Peace.

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