INDIO — As promised, Indio Mayor Michael H. Wilson has requested an official recount of some ballots cast in the Nov. 6 California General Election for Indio City Council, Riverside County Registrar of Voters  Rebecca Spencer told Uken Report.

Official counting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, Spencer said.

Wilson, who has served the city of Indio for 21 years, has asked for an official hand count and review of the absentee ballots cast, a review of the absentee envelopes, and a review of the challenged absentee ballots.

An official team of eight people and one supervisor will ready to commence the official recount.

The total cost for Day 1 of the recount will cost $2,632, Spencer said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Wilson was the only candidate in Riverside County requesting a recount, Spencer said.

The candidate who earlier requested an official recount of ballots in the Perris Elementary School District Trustee Area 1 with drew the request after discovering how much it would cost. It would cost the same has Wilson will pay for his recount, Spenc

In that particular race there is a 36-vote difference between the top two vote-getters.

Wilson’s official recount request comes on the eve of his opponent Waymond Fermon being sworn into office in District 2. Oscar F. Ortiz will also be sworn in on Wednesday, Dec. 12. Ortiz beat incumbent Troy Strange in the race for the sole seat in District 4.

Wilson has said on more than one occasion he has seen some irregularities in the absentee ballots, including apparent ballot harvesting, and he wants to see those ballots during an official recount.

Spencer told Uken Report she has seen “no irregularities” in any of the ballots cast in the Nov. 6 election.

“The election is over,” Tizoc DeAztlan, Fermon’s campaign adviser told Uken Report. “The residents have spoken. We are excited about tomorrow’s swearing-in ceremony. Most importantly we look forward to the work of improving our communities. Despite the clear margin of victory, we understand not everyone is ready to move forward. We are hopeful that the end of this process brings them the clarity they deserve.”