If you are a Californian, you probably are a Lifesavers kind of person, according to Influenster.com.

Influenster.com, a retail review website, surveyed over 40,000 “influensters” to find out which Halloween candies are most popular in each state.

According to the website, Californians shun the chocolate, opting instead for fruit-flavored hard candies for Halloween, the No. 1 holiday for candy sales.

Polling at No.1 is the “polarizing” candy corn. The confection was dubbed the “candy of choice” in the majority of states, according to the website.

Candy corn proved to be the top pick for Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups received the most votes nationwide in Influenster’s survey. It was one of only three candies (the other two were Kit Kat and Butterfinger) to be voted top treats by every single state in the U.S.

The candy picks by states ranged from Swedish fish (the top choice in Louisiana) to Toblerone (the top choice in Arizona). Washington, D.C., chose Twix as its favorite.