Charles Ara shares an open letter to the Palm Desert Mayor and City Council [Opinion]

Kathleen Kelly, Mayor,

I note the recent announcement by President Joseph Biden that it is very possible that all adult Americans will be vaccinated by the end of May. It also appears that in the near future schools can return to in classroom teaching and businesses could return to normal.

As to opening up discussion for moving to five districts, I note that you, Jan Harnik and Sabby Jonathan have all stated in one way or another that the pandemic is the city’s main priority and now is not the time to consider moving to Five Districts.

Open Letter to Palm Desert Mayor [Opinion]

Kathleen Kelly

You cautioned me to slow down my efforts on the District issue.

I am not aware of any statements from Gina Nestande on the issue. I understand that Karina Quintanilla has stated that the topic of moving to Five Districts is a priority.

The good news is that the joint efforts of the government from the Federal, State, County, City combined with non-profits, food banks, Faith communities and other charitable organizations that there is significant progress in controlling the virus.

While controlling the Virus has been a top priority for both government and other groups as noted above, these same entities have found the time and resources to work on other issues, e.g. Congress on Immigration Reform, reunification of families at the border, Voting Rights, confirmation of Cabinet positions, the State and County in dealing with the homeless, the City of Palm Desert dealing with advocacy for a Cal State University, debating Drive through restaurants on 111, etc.

With that said, the majority of the City Council’s stated main objection to taking action on moving to a five-district election system may soon be non-existent.

It is the hope of many residents in Palm Desert that the City Council begin soon to place the move to a Five District election system on the agenda of a Council meeting ASAP. The move to a five-district system was the sentiment expressed by many during the public hearings on the boundaries for District 1.

Knowing that you and the Council support civic participation, drawing the residents in on how they wish to be represented is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

Charlie Ara, Palm Desert Homeowner for 44 years.

Cc Jan Harnik, Sabby Jonathon, Gina Nestande, Karina Quintanilla

Cc: Todd Hileman. City Manager


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