Be afraid.  Be VERY afraid!

The President increasingly is showing signs of erratic behavior, poor judgement and periodic breaks with reality.  Not to mention the biggest liar in the history of the Republic.

In the past week, he fired (by tweet), the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  He said he had been disenchanted with him for the past several weeks.  The Secretary claims it was because he was fighting the Administration plan to PRIVATIZE veteran’s health.  The White House spokespeople said there is no plan to privatize the VA but the President said the Secretary wasn’t moving fast enough to provide veterans “choices in their health care provider”.   The Secretary is being replaced by Trump’s PERSONAL physician.  HMMMM

He fired the National Security Advisor replacing him with a man who couldn’t get confirmed by the Senate during George W. Bush’s administration.  He advocates for the use of force against Iran and North Korea.  At the same time, he fired the Secretary of State, replacing him with the CIA Director, another hawk.  And in the CIA – a formal official of the Bush administration who OVERSAW the torture program.  That alone is causing Senator John McCain, battling brain cancer, to return to Washington to do battle.

IF you recall, Trump said during the campaign he would be “the gays best friend – ever!”  Let me say this – Mr. President – I don’t need friends like you.  Amid firing his staff, he also ordered that trans people would not be allowed in the military.  Courts have already ruled against him earlier, but now the recommendation came from the Secretary of Defense under Trump’s mandate.  We shall see where the courts go now.  Additionally, the President’s Council on HIV/AIDS has been left vacant and no meetings held.  He also is not going to allow the 2020 census to ask questions about sexual orientation.  This alone will result in the loss of 100’s of millions of dollars in health care and research, enforcement of discrimination laws and more.  These are in addition to what individual departments such as HUD are doing.

Speaking of the census, he also announced that for the first time in decades they WILL ask about citizenship status.  This will cause a chill throughout the immigrant community and again, drastically hurt funding but also skew redistricting of Congress in states like California.  Law suits have already been filed on this.  The law states the census is to count everyone LIVING in the US regardless of their citizenship.

And I can’t even begin to mention Trump’s inability to find lawyers willing to work for him on the Russian inquiry or even the scandals with Stormy Daniels and other women.  I will wager that Melania has had no problem finding a divorce attorney.

Well, that’s it for this week.  KEEP RESISTING!!!

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