Palm Springs International Airport Prepared for Tropical Storm Impact; Passengers Asked to Check Flight Status Prior to Arriving at PSP

PALM SPRINGS —As the tropical storm approaches, Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is taking proactive steps to ensure passenger safety and reduce disruptions. PSP requests that all passengers check with their respective airlines for the most up-to-date information concerning their flight status before they arrive at the airport.

Palm Springs Airport Prepared for Tropical Storm

Harry Barrett

“Our dedicated airport staff is fully prepared to meet the challenges of the impending tropical storm,” Harry Barrett, Executive Director of Aviation at PSP, said in a prepared statement. “Their unwavering commitment to preparedness is evident as they activate our comprehensive storm event plan. With additional personnel on standby, tested backup systems, and meticulous safety measures in place, our team’s efforts underscore our determination to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers, staff, and operations throughout this storm.”

As PSP engages in comprehensive preparations to ensure passenger safety and operation of the facility during the approaching tropical storm, the public can be reassured of the airport’s steadfast commitment to storm preparedness. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the unusual nature of this weather event introduces challenges that may not be entirely foreseeable. While maintaining a focus on passenger and staff safety and operation of the airport, PSP also recognizes the uniqueness of this situation for Palm Springs. The understanding and support of the public are greatly appreciated as the airport diligently navigates these rare circumstances.

It’s difficult to predict the exact number of canceled or delayed flights. However, with the impending storm, it’s anticipated that there will be several flight disruptions over the upcoming days. PSP emphasizes the importance of passengers checking their flight status directly with their respective airlines before departing for the airport, as airlines possess the latest and most accurate information.

PSP has activated its comprehensive storm event plan to ensure the safety of passengers, staff, and operations. The plan includes various measures such as calling in additional staff as needed, activating tested backup systems, and establishing plans to guarantee passenger and staff safety in case of power outages or other storm-related incidents. Additionally, all backup power generators have been tested and stand ready to provide power where required. To mitigate potential flooding concerns, thorough inspections and clearing of storm drains around the airfield, airport roadways, and terminal have been conducted. Sandbags have also been strategically placed as a preventive measure. Furthermore, items in outdoor areas that aren’t permanently secured have been secured or relocated.

The airport’s communication lines have been established with airport management and staff, Palm Springs Police Department, Palm Springs Fire Department, Palm Springs city leadership, and airline management. These lines will ensure continuous and effective communication throughout the storm, facilitating coordination and swift responses as needed.





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