At least two new members, possibly three or four, will join the Palm Springs City Council in December

PALM SPRINGS — The political makeup of the Palm Springs City Council will get a cosmetic tweak for sure in December with new faces representing District 2 and District 3. And it could well be on its way for nearly a full facelift, depending on voters.

In two districts —District 2 and District 3 —incumbent council members Dennis Woods, District 2, and Geoff Kors, District 3, are not seeking reelection. Kors, in what was nothing short of a classy move, announced early this year that he would not seek reelection.  His public announcement gave others ample time to begin mounting campaigns.

Woods on the other hand was coy about his plans and did not return reporters’ calls or emails. He played games with residents. He picked up nomination papers from the city clerk but failed to get the signatures needed to qualify as a candidate.

Palm Springs City Council to Get New Faces

Councilmember Geoff Kors

Kors’ departure will leave a significant void in leadership on the City Council. As the city moved from a directly elected mayor to rotating the position every year among members of the City Council. Kors was first at bat. His turn coincided with the arrival of COVID-19. He seemed unflappable. He led with what the science indicated at the time and without hysteria, He was genuinely concerned about residents’ safety.

He rarely sent a text message, an email or ended a phone conversation without this closing: “Stay safe,” or “Get vaccinated.” Sometimes both.

Once he steps down from his Council seat, Kors and James Williamson, his husband, plan to travel to Europe and live there. Kors said the destination and length of time they will live there has yet to be determined. They will likely leave in July. Palm Springs will always be home, Kors said.

In the District 3 race, Kors has endorsed Ron deHarte, president of Greater Palm Springs Pride. deHarte is running against Joy Brown Meredith, president of Main Street Palm Springs.

In District 1, incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Grace Garner will face off against Scott Nevins, a cable TV personality and DAP Health board member. Nevins has accused her of falsifying endorsements. 

Kors told Uken Report he has not yet endorsed in the District 1 race but said he “may.” He knows both candidates and has spoken to both.

District 2 candidates are Jeffrey Bernstein, the owner of Destination PSP, and Renee Brown, associate curator for the Palm Springs Historical Society. Kors has endorsed Bernstein.

City Council Member Christy Holstege, District 4, and Mayor Lisa Middleton, District 5, are not facing reelection this November.  However, Holstege is running as a Democrat for a seat in the state Assembly District 47. If she is victorious, the City Council will have 45 days to either appoint a new council member or call a special election.

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