Supervisor V Manuel Perez Promises More Park Space During Fishing Derby

LA QUINTA — With more than 730 people gathered Saturday for the Annual Veterans Fishing Derby, now in its third year at Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park, Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez made an impassioned plea for more park space and improvements.

“Let’s make sure that we continue to grow these efforts,” Perez told the crowd. “Next year, my hope folks, is that we improve the conditions here like we did with the fairgrounds. And if you notice, if you’ve heard, we built Mecca Park. We built a park in Oasis. We’re building a park in Thermal, California, looking for space. I think we’ve got it in Bermuda Dunes, in Thousand Palms.”

Perez Emphasizes Need for More Park Space

Supervisor V. Manuel Perez

“My goal is whenever I retire, if that’s ever the case one day, which I assume it will be, is that I’ll be known as the parks guy, the park supervisor, the supervisor who came and brought parks to our families. That’s what I want to be remembered as. And that’s the reason why I’m emphasizing the need for more park space, more green spaces for our families. And here, for example, I’m very proud that we’re going to be doing some major changes.”

To cheers and applause, Perez called for the opening of the pool at Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park.

“I want that pool open,” Perez told the crowd. “We got to open up that pool for our kids, right? I want splash pads for our kids and for our adults so they can go in there as well. … We can soak in it ourselves, right?”.

He called for another playground, more greenery, more trees, and hookup stations for RVs, and he did not stop there.

He pointed around the park saying, “A station over here, or a place where we can actually bring in our horses and ride them. I want to make sure that we have horseshoe tournaments here. I want this place for everyone to be proud of. This is a gem that we have not fully utilized. It’s been forgotten. And let me just say this, as well,”

I’m really happy that Coachella Valley Water District and the County of Riverside have come to an agreement. “We’re going to be making that announcement very soon,” Perez said.

“”You know how every year we were concerned that they’re going to shut down this park? Well, we’re here to say they’re not going to shut it down. We’re not going to shut it down. No one’s going to shut it down. This is our park. It’s the part that we grew up in. It’s the park that we love and enjoy. And very soon, in less than a year, in a few months, we’re going to be doing some sort of grand opening announcement on that front.”



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