Looking back at the week of texts, emails, news releases and phone calls, it is crystal clear that Coachella Valley residents love their politics. It doesn’t matter if it’s state, local or national. Political junkies love something to chew on.

So, let’s get started.

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Political Notebook: The Week in Review

Sen. Barbara Boxer

Some Democrats were perplexed, even miffed, that former U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, the most prominent Democrat in the Coachella Valley, chose to endorse Katherine “Kate” Spates for Rancho Mirage City Council.

First, the City Council election is a nonpartisan race.

Second, Spates is a declined-to-state registered voter, though some Democrats speculate she is a closet Republican.

Third, Robert Mueller is a Democrat seeking election to the City Council. If she was going to endorse, they wonder why she did not endorse him.

Some Democrats tried to soften the blow of Boxer’s endorsement explaining it as a way to support a strong woman for political office.

Still, Democrats fought back in their own way.  Some of Mueller’s most notable contributors in the latest round of Financial Disclosure Statements included the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee; Desert Stonewall Democrats; Joy Silver, Democratic candidate for state Senate.

Their message was unmistakable.

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One of the hottest topics of local conversation of late has been the Rancho Mirage City Council election.

Political junkies have enjoyed speculating about whom, if any of the incumbents, will be ousted and who will be seated on the City Council. Some have even put forth fake poll results.

Political Notebook: The Week in Review

Kate Spates

One ubusinessman theorized that Katherine “Kate” Spates has a really good chance of being in the top three vote-getters on April 10.

He opined that she is smart, a good speaker, knows the issues and does her homework.

“And,” he added, “she’s cute.”


When will men ever get past the idea of judging and critiquing women on their looks? Spates’ looks do not have one, not one, thing to do with whether she can understand a multimillion dollar budget, comprehend road construction contracts, or get her head around an Energy Authority budget.

Has the #MeToo Movement meant nothing? Has it already fallen into oblivion?

His comment was shocking, disgusting and, quite frankly, undercut his authority the minute the words left his mouth. He sounded like a love-struck teenage boy instead of the seemingly smart man he is.

Men seeking political office are not judged on their looks. Why are women?

If Kate was a gap-toothed, overweight, gray-haired woman, would she be less qualified?

Think about it.

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Political Notebook: The Week in Review

Joy Silver

Joy Silver, a Democrat who is challenging Republican Jeff Stone for the 28th Senate District, is turning to an ancient Mexican proverb to make a point about Stone.

“Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are,” according to the proverb.

“My opponent Jeff Stone showed us exactly who he is,” Silver told her supporters. “He was with Michael Flynn, disgraced former Trump National Security Advisor. In fact, Jeff Stone said he was ‘honored’ to introduce Flynn to a crowd of right-wing activists. This, my friends, is who Jeff Stone is: someone who embraces an individual fired for lying to the FBI about ties to a foreign entity – someone who is willing to put his own interests and greed before that of our country.”

Flynn was in La Quinta in March to speak to the East Valley Republican Women Federated Association and campaign for Omar Navarro, the Republican challenging Maxine Waters in Los Angeles’ 43rd U.S. House District.

Flynn, as you may recall briefly served as National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump In January 2017. In December 2017 he pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, a felony, about contacts he had with the Russian government during Trump’s presidential transition.

Does Stone’s friendliness with Flynn make a difference to you?

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Political Notebook: The Week in ReviewBarbara Sinatra’s work with abused children in Riverside County will have a lasting impact on the Coachella Valley for decades to come.

Although she died in July 2017, her presence is still felt at the Rancho Mirage-based Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

A prime parking spot bearing her name remains reserved for her at the Center. It is a daily reminder of the work this woman did on behalf of children.

Last year alone, between 400 and 500 forensic interviews of suspected child abuse were conducted at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center. That is more than one child per day police brought to facility to gather potential evidence.

Since it was founded in 1986, 23,000 abused children have passed through the Center’s doors.

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Political Notebook: The Week in Review

Nancy Pelosi

Equality PAC Chair Representative Mark Takano is bringing Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and members of the Equality PAC to the Coachella Valley for a weekend of socializing and strategy sessions. A highlight of the weekend will be the reception and dinner on Saturday, April 21, at the Palm Springs home of City Councilman Geoff Kors and James Williamson.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is currently crisscrossing Southern California and the Central Valley in an effort to flip Republican seats to Democrats. In Riverside County, Democratic Congressmen Raul Ruiz, who represents the 36th Congressional District, and Democratic Congressman Mark Takano, who represents the 41st Congressional District are seeking re-election. Leaders of Democrats of the Desert say both are in “strong positions” for re-election.