Those supporting the Second Amendment should let your local, state, and federal officials know how you feel about the Governor’s proposed assault weapons ban. [OPINION]

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom on Saturday said he wanted a ban on Assault Weapons in the Golden State.

Today, almost a full third of Californians own legal handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

The latest action to ban or confiscate a legally owned “assault weapon” doesn’t come as a surprise for those who support the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment.

Firearms are popular with many Americans. Each time a new firearms ban is proposed gun sales skyrocket. So, a proposed ban heading into the holidays might just lead to increased sales of many types of firearms including the AR-15 rifle in California.

The Governor said he hopes to use a similar process as the State of Texas has in its recent ban on abortion. That law banned abortion after the detection of a baby’s heartbeat. It also allows litigation against abortion clinics and staff. Friday, Dec. 10, the Supreme Court allowed that Texas law to stand while abortion advocates seek to overturn it.

Constitutional experts believe any effort to ban any rifle that is deemed an “assault rifle” would be shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Those same experts even say that the courts liberal judges might even join in that opinion.

Just how popular are legal firearms in this country? In some states as many as 66%of residents own at least one firearm.

It is estimated that almost 393 million fire arms are owned by private citizens in the United States. The population of the United States is slightly more than 333 million. Hold on, not everyone owns a firearm in the USA but it is estimated in 2021 that 46% of Americans do.

Conservatives, moderates, and liberals all own guns. Many center- and far-left Democrats formed the “Liberal Gun Club” to specifically support gun owners’ rights and to “oppose the banning of the AR-15 rifle, oftentimes referred to as the AR -15 Assault Rifle.

Gavin Newsom may find support for his proposal in the California Legislature. That body has passed many gun-control laws over the past three decades.

It should be noted that firearm advocates in California have filed a brief challenging the Texas Abortion Law. They don’t want to see Texas or another state allowing litigation against manufacturers, gun owners, or those selling them.

For now, Californian’s who own the AR-15 or those rushing to buy one should expect eight months or more to see any law passed. The state Legislature is in recess now and it takes months to get a bill passed and signed by the Governor.

Those supporting the Second Amendment should let your local, state, and federal officials know how you feel about the Governor’s proposal.

Trust me, those who don’t want you owning any firearm are fully engaged with lawmakers in D.C. , California, New York, New Jersey and many more states.  Take heart. All isn’t lost, thanks to our Constitutional right to own firearms.



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