Palm Springs Police Department Fosters Significant Collaboration, with Esteemed Costa Rican Law Enforcement Representatives

PSPD Forges Bond with Costa Rican Law EnforcementPALM SPRINGS — The Palm Springs Police Department this week welcomed the distinguished delegation of the “International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Representatives of Costa Rica” for a two-day visit this week, as part of the “Sembremos Seguridad (We Grow Security) Program.”

Sixteen representatives arrived from the Costa Rica Ministry of Public Security, Costa Rican Investigative Judicial Police, U.S. Embassy Costa Rica and the Costa Rican General Attorney’s Office, marking a significant collaboration between the law enforcement agencies of Palm Springs and Costa Rica.

In a statement, Palm Springs Police Chief Andy Mills said, “We are so excited to have the Costa Rican delegation here, led by Vice Minister of Public Security Eric Lacayo Rojas and his senior staff members. We know public safety demands a worldwide effort and we are thrilled to be working together. This is an exciting time for us, as well as Costa Rica.”

On Tuesday, the delegation actively participated in insightful presentations focused on “Community Policing and Crime Prevention” and “Narcotics Investigations,” providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration on vital law enforcement strategies.

PSPD Forges Bond with Costa Rican Law Enforcement

Palm Springs Mayor Jeffrey Bernstein

In a statement, Palm Springs Mayor Jeffrey Bernstein said, “It was an honor to welcome the Costa Rican law enforcement officials to Palm Springs. We take great pride in the international recognition the Palm Springs Police have received. It’s not only a testament to the hard-working men and women of our force, but to the policies and procedures we have put in place. Chief Andy Mills and the entire team have set an example for policing. This multi-day exchange of ideas, best practices and experience, proved to be of great value for both the Costa Rican officials and our officers.”

Wednesday commenced with a specialized training session on special weapons and tactics (SWAT), featuring a demonstration of our cutting-edge vehicles and equipment. The delegates were then treated to a visit to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, offering a unique experience at one of the Coachella Valley’s premier tourist destinations. Notably, some members of the delegation saw snow for the very first time, adding a memorable touch to their visit. They also attended our monthly “Do the Right Thing” ceremony, as we recognized local school children for their exemplary attitudes, behavior and accomplishments, while showcasing this unique approach of encouraging positive relationships between our youth and officers.

This exchange program serves as a testament to the commitment of both the Palm Springs Police Department and the Costa Rican law enforcement agencies, to foster international cooperation and enhance security measures. The collaborative effort aims to strengthen the ties between our two nations, in combating narcotics-related crimes and advancing community safety.

The Palm Springs Police Department expressed its gratitude for the active participation and engagement of the Costa Rican delegation and looks forward to continued collaboration, in the pursuit of shared security objectives for the ultimate safety of our citizens.


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