Sheriff Bianco Addresses Public Safety Through Inaction [Opinion]

Recently Sheriff Chad Bianco stiffened against President Biden’s vaccine edict. The sheriff thinks you and I are adults. As such, as such we have the absolute right to decide what, if any, medical interventions we place in our bodies. This is public safety through inaction.

This applies to current and future Sheriff’s employees as well. No green and tan clad gun toters will be forced to take a COVID jab on Chad Bianco’s watch. Is this a risky move for the Sheriff? President Biden has threatened draconian fines against business owners usurping his paternal edict.

Will the county be shelling out big bucks to the feds as a result of Chad Bianco’s personal brand of politics? We shall see. As of right now, challengers of this new policy are starting to form a line at the courthouse door so it’s doubtful Sheriff Bianco is foremost in President Biden’s mind. Nevertheless, the federal government has a long memory. Just because Uncle Sam isn’t spanking the sheriff right now doesn’t mean he’s not warming up the paddle.

Sheriff Bianco insists it is his duty to protect the public from lawbreakers and a tyrannical government. Ironically, men and women all over the country have been burning down municipalities for the last 18 months insisting the police are the very tyrants Bianco wants to protect you from.

I happen to agree with the sheriff, even though I took the shot months ago. Medical intervention should not be forced upon citizens of the land of the free. Particularly when Congress is exempt from the very medicine many of them want to force into your vein. Government hypocrisy instills a shaky feeling in those who use their grey matter when being cajoled, bribed, shamed and threatened to conform to rules these elected officials don’t see fit to follow themselves.

In the long run, it seems we always learn that the government lined their pockets whilst telling the people they should rally against some sort of evil. How long have we been reading warning labels on tobacco products while the government reaps the lion’s share of profits each time someone takes a puff. Is it really surprising Mr. and Mrs. America are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccination?

We were first told masks don’t work. Now we are chastised if we don’t double layer the damn things. We were told to take the shot and things would be right back to normal. We did — it wasn’t. I could beat this dead horse for paragraphs but the results would be the same. At least 80 million people mistrust the government so deeply they are willing to get sick before believing their contradictory rhetoric.

Employing cops to force needle into flesh is not going to reinvigorate this lost confidence. At least Sheriff Bianco is someone who these people can count on. At least he is consistent and reasonable — in their minds.