A 10-page questionnaire Lt. Chad Bianco completed in September and signed for the Temecula-Murrieta Republican Assembly gives voters clear insight into who he is and what he believes. One law enforcement official says it paints a “quite damning” picture.

The questionnaire touches on conversion therapy for homosexuals and what constitutes a civil marriage.

You can decide for yourself. You can read the questionnaire and Bianco’s answers here. 

The Temecula-Murrieta Republican Assembly is run by Bob Kowell and is described as an extreme right wing group. It is one of two known California Republican Assembly organizations in Riverside County. A description on the group’s Facebook page outline’s the group’s beliefs on everything from taxes and education to the right to bear arms and the sanctity of life.

It also sets forth the group’s belief on family as follows: “We believe that the traditional American family, defined as any persons related by blood, marriage of a man and a woman and/or adoption, is the cornerstone of our American society, and the government is duty bound to protect the integrity of the family unit through legislation and taxation policies.”

Sheriff Stan Sniff did not respond to the questionnaire, though the organization repeatedly and aggressively pursued him. The leadership left messages with his secretary, called him on his personal phone, e-mailed the questionnaire to both his office e-mail and his private e-mail, and sent him the questionnaire by hard copy and CD by overnight UPS.

Questionnaire Paints Damning Sketch of Bianco

Sheriff Stan Sniff

“He was mad as hell because we wouldn’t respond to anything,” Sniff told Uken Report in a telephone interview. “As soon as I saw the questions it was, like, ‘What in the hell has this got to do with being a sheriff?’ My gosh, they’re talking about deporting the immigrants. This is obviously a stunt, or one narrow niche.”

Sniff describes the group as “very ultra conservative,” adding that there are some strains of the Tea Party out in Southwest Riverside County.”

“The questionnaire is bigoted,” Sniff said. “There are questions in there that clearly are outside the confines of US laws, defined by the Supreme Court, in decisions and also statutes. A lot of the questions were improperly framed in my view. A number of them had no legal basis. Whoever crafted it did not understand the local and California laws versus federal law and the job requirements for a sheriff. The beginning of it, if you look at it, it’s standard Republican stuff. But those adjunct questions, and there are tons of them in there, really have nothing to do with the criminal justice system. They also reflect a lack of understanding of the criminal justice system.”

Here is an up-close look at the questionnaire and some of Bianco’s responses.

Bianco Questionnaire

Sniff said Bianco’s willingness to respond to the questionnaire and his responses did not surprise him because he’s seen that rhetoric on the political gossip blog Right On Daily.

“They’re all part of his campaign, regardless of how he protests,” Sniff said. “Where I’m going with that is, we’ve seen a lot of homophobic comments at Right On Daily. We’ve seen people slimed. My god, earlier in the year they put my face on an individual, wearing a Gestapo outfit. That blog is often what many people have viewed as Redneck.”

Uken Report obtained the questionnaire hours after publishing an interview with Sniff’s former LGBT Liaison Officer. Former Assistant Sheriff Raymond Gregory described how Sniff embraced the idea of an LGBT Liaison Officer and spoke of Sniff’s enthusiastic advocacy of the LGBT community and all minorities.

In the story, Gregory expressed concern that Bianco would not be as enthusiastic about advocating for the LGBT community as Sniff should he get elected in the California General Election.

His concern is quickly growing in the light of Bianco’s responses to the questionnaire. They could help fill in gaps about Bianco.

Questionnaire Paints Damning Sketch of Bianco

Lt. Chad Bianco

Bianco’s campaign spokesperson, Andre Levesque, said talk of Bianco’s stance on LGBT issues was little more than a diversion tactic to avoid the real issues.

“When Lt. Chad Bianco becomes Sheriff he will have a better working relationship with the LGBTQ community and all other communities because he is going to implement a community-oriented style of policing where deputies have a better working relationship with the communities they serve,” Levesque told Uken Report.