President of United Food and Commercial Union, Local 1167 to be Served Restraining Order

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Joe Duffle

A Riverside County Superior Court Judge on Tuesday granted College of the Desert Area 4 Trustee and former COD president Joel L. Kinnamon a temporary restraining order against Joseph “Joe” Duffle, president of United Food and Commercial Union, Local 1167, following a skirmish on Saturday in which Kinnamon was punched.

The two had never met until that day and have not seen each other since.

In his reason for filing the TRO, Kinnamon wrote, “The physical battery included being forcibly shoved backwards onto a folding table, hit with closed fists to my chest, and multiple verbal threats that he would ‘take me out’ repeated over and over. Mr. Duffle is approximately 6’4”, 240 pounds, and nearly 10 years younger than me. I fear that given the chance again, he would carry-out his repeated threats of ‘taking me out.’

For context, Duffle is 53. Kinnamon, 62, is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds.

The fear Kinnamon feels is palpable as he reiterates his fright in his TRO statement.

“I fear he will do what he repeated over and over in a fit of rage, that he would ‘take me out!'”

You may read Kinnamon’s entire reason for seeking the TRO here:

The restraining order prohibits Duffle from coming within 100 yards of Kinnamon and his husband, Chris Parman, their home, their vehicles, and their places of employment. It is in effect until Feb. 22 when a hearing is set at 1:30 p.m. Palm Springs to determine if the TRO should be extended.

You may read the TRO here:

As you can see, Duffle will not be able to own, possess or purchase firearms while the TRO is in effect,

Kinnamon sought medical attention at a local emergency room Saturday night and again at his physician’s office on Monday.

Uken Report was first to break the news shortly after the scuffle occurred on Saturday and spoke with Duffle.

He did not deny punching Kinnamon. He simply said, “You do not put hands on a union official and threaten to take him out without there being a response,” Duffle told Uken Report. He declined to elaborate.

Since then, his statement has “evolved” as he has spoken with other media.

Restraining Order Filed Against Union Leader

Lynne O’Neill

Lynne O’Neill, a retired attorney from Thousand Palms, posted on Uken Report’s Facebook page saying, “Here is what nobody is talking about: the practical implications of fleeing the scene. It evidences consciousness of guilt…and gave him an opportunity to develop ‘alternative facts’ with his advisors. It also prevented law enforcement from interviewing him on the scene and observing his state of mind…and making a police record of any excited utterances.”

“Charges of misdemeanor battery will be filed out of custody,” authorities familiar with the incident told Uken Report on Saturday. Ultimately, the district attorney will decide. Had Duffle not fled the scene, he would have been arrested, booked and jailed, authorities said. Since he left, authorities needed to follow up with him after the fact out of custody.

Normal out-of-custody filings are typically the least of the DA’s concerns and usually sit on a desk for quite a while, sometimes weeks, before anyone looks at them, according to those familiar with the process. It’s not urgent for them until a few days before the court date on the citation.

Whether that holds after the investigation is complete and all witnesses have been interviewed remains to be seen. No charges have yet been filed.



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