CATHEDRAL CITY — What a race this has been. So exciting. For anyone that has had the courage and/or opportunity to run for office or holds an elected position, my full respect to you.

This journey has come with challenges, learning curves, and lots of hard work. Despite all of that, it has been so rewarding to meet the people in my community and who I want to represent.

Some have asked why did I decide to run for office? Where does it start? And my answer is simple: Passion. When you have passion for your community you want to get involved. There is a need that you begin to recognize in the community and what you can add to fill these needs to move our community forward.

On this journey to win a City Council seat, I had the opportunity to  meet the core of our community. I met grandparents raising their grandchildren and single parents at the brink of going under, losing the very little they have. I met the hard-working families and heard their concerns of raising their children in a time when drugs are so prevalent.

In my run for office,I met individuals who no longer trust in our democracy and our government. I talked to our disenfranchised community and learned their stories. I met with business owners struggling to keep their business from going under. It became evident to me that the heartbeat of our community are the people.

Being a Pastor you learn that the local church is what some lean on to help ease some of these burdens people experience.  Either through a benevolence fund, or simply guidance to find the solution to get someone to where they need to be.

I’ve learned that nonprofits have the heart and resources to soften the blows life can throw at you. I have heard in playful comments that the Coachella Valley is the nonprofit capital of the world in some instances, I think I would agree. Help is there.

It takes a person who knows the pulse of the community to navigate the resources to move a community forward. Yes, I love the topics of pigs in our back yards and straws being banned. I love it.

I love policies and law, but compassion is key. Often times when it is shown it makes for a better outcome, a better community, a stronger economy, and better people. I say all this because compassion and second chances allows for a better community, stronger economy and better people. This allows for communities to move forward. In my run for office, this is what I believe.

When we all come together, businesses, nonprofits, and government to help those that need a hand up; the community wins. This is my city this is my passion, my love for community, and all the diverse groups that make it. I can’t wait to be in the trenches with my city to find the solutions to our issues.

Praying for the city of Cathedral City.


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