RIVERSIDE — Smile Grant Program has partnered with Riverside County to offer free COVID-19 testing with the use of their call center to relieve pressure on the county.

Many counties are overwhelmed by the extensive testing taking currently taking place. Operations have required that countless people and organizations step-up to support the strain on everyone involved.

Ardi Safi who along with Dr. Ali Zareh offered their call center to help with scheduling, had originally waited two hours to get through to the 800# the county provided for testing. Riverside Department of Public Health recognized the need for additional assistance and quickly agreed to partner to help speed response times for the community.

“The Riverside County COVID-19 task force is on top of it when it comes to their adaptability and we believe that’s why you see Riverside County coming in ahead of others in the nation as far as testing,” Safi said.

“Knowing the dynamics of a call center, we recognize it’s not an easy job. You have to be quick, responsive and multi-task repeatedly for 8-10 hours a day,” said Dr. Zareh co-founder of the Smile Grant Program and owner of The Dental Views. The Smile Grant program offers a 100% free service to connect dental patients with top dentists in their area to save them up to 40% on dental work. Smile Grant Program ensures every dentist in their program goes through a screening process to become a qualified provider of the program.

To make an appointment for COVID-19 testing in Riverside County call 1-800-945-6171.

For more information about the Smile Grant Program, click here.

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