With the political winds of support from throughout the Coachella Valley at her back, Katherine “Kate” Spates lapped her opponents in fundraising by at least three times or more, according to the latest Campaign Disclosure Statements.

Kate Spates

Kate Spates

Spates, an independent businesswoman, reported raising $18,030 in cash between Feb. 25 and March 24, bringing her total contributions to date to $51, 911.21. Her total includes a $2,500 loan.

In second place, is longtime incumbent G. Dana Hobart, 85, a retired attorney. During the same reporting period, he raised $7,975, bringing is year-to-date total to $38,570. Some $20,000 of his contributions came from two people. Harold Matzner and the late Jim Houston each gave Hobart $10,000. Every one of his contributions in this latest round of fundraising came from retired people in Rancho Mirage and the states of Washington and Texas.

In her first bid for political office, Spates, 50, is drawing financial support from a wide cross-section of people that includes local political leaders such as Palm Desert Mayor Sabby Jonathan and Indian Wells City Councilmember Dana Reed. Wendy Jonathan, a member of the Board of Trustees for the Desert Sands Unified School District, is also a contributor.

Her base of support also includes everyone from a homemaker, to a business owner, a physician, to a company CEO and everyone in between and beyond.

In her run up to the April 10 election, Spates has managed to do what longtime politicos say has never been done. She has earned the endorsements of 14 local elected officials, five of whom are mayors. She has also received the endorsement of Arthur Newman, a former member of the Rancho Mirage City Council.

Spates Outpaces Her Challengers In FundraisingSpates, decline-to-state registered voter, also earned the coveted endorsement of former U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Rancho Mirage resident for 12 years along with her husband Stewart. Boxer is the highest-ranking Democrat living in the Coachella Valley. Boxer declined  to comment beyond her letter in which she said, “I am grateful Kate is running to bring a new and intelligent voice to the council.”

Robert “Bob” Mueller, one of three challengers, reported raising $6,730 in cash during the latest period. His calendar year-to-date total stands at $24,977.05, which includes a $14,000 loan to himself. Some of Mueller’s notable contributors include the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee; Desert Stonewall Democrats; Joy Silver, Democratic candidate for state Senate;

Mayor Charles Townsend Vinci reported raising $700 in cash and giving himself a loan of $10,000 in the latest reporting period, bringing his total contributions to $10,700.

Incumbent Iris Smotrich raised no money in the most recent reporting period.

The Form 470 that Michael, Harrington filed in early March covered the entire year of 2018.  He is not required to file Form 460, a Campaign Disclosure Statement, unless he has a “qualified” committee.

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