City Will Work to Fill Special Projects Coordinator Position

CATHEDRAL CITY — About two months after this city named Cristina Velazquez as the Events & Special Projects Coordinator, a new position approved by the City Council, she is gone.

Velazquez was part of the Communications & Events Department, managed by Ryan Hunt, the City’s Communications & Events Manager.

She began her work with the city on Oct. 23, 2023.

It’s not clear exactly when or why she left.

“I can only confirm that she is no longer with us and that we’ll work to repost and fill the position as soon as possible,” Hunt told Uken Report. “We remain committed to celebrating the city’s vibrancy and diversity through our local events. This obviously includes longstanding traditions like Taste of Jalisco and the Cathedral City International Hot Air Balloon Festival but will also include new experiences featuring free and affordable entertainment.”

It comes as a surprise to the community that welcomed her and had high expectations for her role in this growing community.

In announcing her hire, Hunt said, “Velazquez has dedicated her life to service and to the betterment of her community. A proud local and Cathedral City High School graduate, she worked for more than 16 years in education fulfilling a wide range of roles across both the K-12 and university settings. While she has extensive experience in both teaching & curriculum development, for the last few years she has specialized in student leadership development, student & community activities, and event planning. She stands as a fervent advocate for social & community programming and has demonstrated her leadership across the Coachella Valley.


Image Sources

  • Cristina Velazquez: Ryan Hunt, Cathedral City