RIVERSIDE – The Riverside County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the formation of a county public safety community oversight committee.

Supervisors to Form Public Safety Oversight Panel

Supervisor and Chair V. Manuel Perez

During discussion of a resolution addressing investigations of deadly use of force by law enforcement and greater collaboration with behavioral health, Supervisor V. Manuel Perez proposed creating an oversight committee of community members that could facilitate dialogue and provide review and input.

The agenda item was amended to include direction to put together a county advisory/oversight committee on public safety, and passed unanimously, 5-0.

“I have listened to community members calling for a public safety community oversight committee,” Supervisor Perez said in a prepared statement. “The committee can provide an access point for residents to have a voice at the table, be a part of the process and offer solutions. This is a positive and important step forward in Riverside County, and I look forward to working with the community to put this together from the ground up.”

The functions of this board and details on how it would operate will be presented at a future Board of Supervisors meeting. The Board is also looking to schedule a study session to have a larger, comprehensive discussion on public safety.


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