CATHEDRAL CITY —Just in time for Veterans Day, the Short film “Tango Down,” which portrays United States Marine Corps veterans returning to civilian life and included filming in the Beaumont and Banning area, held its red carpet event at the Mary Pickford Theatre.

“Tango Down” features two marine veterans that return from the war in Afghanistan and face hurdles as they assimilate back to civilian life.

“Veteran suicide is a very real and sad reality, and our team at Veteran Powered Films and SRE Studios (Silver Rose Entertainment) wanted to do more than just raise awareness,” said actress and producer Julia Ling in a news release. “We decided to try a concept to invite veterans to be a part of the cast and crew, let them tell stories and make movies, and let them heal through the arts.”

Drone expert and UAV cinematographer Patrick Stephens introduced Riverside County to the film production team as they sought out diverse landscapes: a timeless small town with beautiful roads, rundown neighborhoods, upscale corporate buildings and a rural desert that could look like Afghanistan.

“Working alongside our veterans on ‘Tango Down’ helped me realize the better,” said cinematographer and Riverside County employee Patrick Stephens. “As the location scout for ‘Tango Down,’ working with the the importance of giving back and creating awareness for our military veterans in any way we can; doing so in a creative way made it all Riverside County Film Commission made it easy to research locations and make recommendations to the producers, which resulted in saving money and valuable time.”

Watch the trailer here:

The production team for “Tango Down” worked closely with the Riverside County Film Commission in scouting locations and setting up the production.

“Riverside County offered it all,” said Ling. “We had a great, smooth and easy process working with the Film Commission and all of the folks at Riverside County … we are definitely looking forward to filming there again.”

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