86,000 Refugees.  Wrap you mind around that number: 86,000, just shy of 100,000.

That is the number of Honduran refugees that President Trump just ordered deported by 2020.  These refugees came in 1998 because of Hurricane Mitch that wreaked havoc on Honduras.  These refugees were taken in and given immigration protection as a humanitarian gesture after the destruction of their homes.  Now after 10 years our racist, xenophobic President is uprooting these refugees once again, taking away their protective status and forcing them to return to a country that most may not recognize any longer.

This follows up with his moves to end DACA and his Muslim “ban.” I can only imagine that Miss Liberty is hanging her head in shame in New York Harbor.

Scandals continue to rock Washington from HUD and EPA all the way to the White House.  Special Counsel Mueller is interviewing long-time business contacts of the President and appears to be close to reporting out obstruction of justice charges plus much more.  Trump let many of his attorney’s go and hired Rudy Giuliani and an attorney that worked with Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial.

Giuliani immediately put his foot in his mouth, going on Fox “News” and confirming that 1) Trump knew about the Stormy Daniels payoff months earlier and 2) Trump fired FBI Director Comey to stop the Russian investigation.  Of course, he was called to the White House and read the riot act.  But it did force the President to admit that he repaid Michael Cohen the $130,000 paid to Daniels.

By now it is old news his doctor had to withdraw his nomination for Secretary of Veterans Affairs due to stories about his drinking, prescribing drugs unnecessarily and his temperament.  Now we find out that Vice President Pence’s doctor has also resigned.   Hmmmm.

The President and Veep also travelled to the annual convention of the National Rifle Association (52 days after the Parkland school shooting) and pledged his undying allegiance to an organization dedicated to keeping weapons of war and destruction on our streets.  So much for his promises to the survivors to finally do something about background checks, waiting periods and automatic weapons.  He again has proven he is nothing but a liar and a charlatan.  Even his Chief of Staff is calling him an idiot.

Our country deserves better.  We will get it – either through impeachment or resignation or in 2020 at the ballot box, but we will fix the error that was made in 2016.  It is critical now that the Democrats take the House and ideally the Senate.  In many ways the Senate is the most important, as it confirms judges, cabinet appointments, ambassadorships and the like.  Either way with one or both houses, we can do honest investigations that are not whitewashed and ridiculed for the fantasies they are.

That’s it for this week.  Stay strong – KEEP RESISTING!!!